Barking Mad: Far-Right Parliamentary Candidate Captured on Video in Fist Fight With Asian Men

This video is a glimpse into the tensions in England over immigration policies — an uncomfortable comparison to our own growing domestic conflicts. The video shows a fight between some Asian men and British National Party parliamentary candidate Bob Bailey in Barking, England.

When one of the men spat on Bailey, he hit the man and a fight ensued.

Earlier BNP leader Nick Griffin was pelted with fruit and had to leave a campaign site.

Griffin insisted: “The more people in the media talk this up as an issue, the more silly kids on the streets will be inclined to take the law into their hands.” Well, it may be difficult not to talk about the controversy with candidates and citizens rolling around on the streets.

At one time, the British National Party (BNP) restricted membership to people of “Caucasian origin” but now accepts “anyone as a member providing they agree with us that this country should remain fundamentally British.”

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12 thoughts on “Barking Mad: Far-Right Parliamentary Candidate Captured on Video in Fist Fight With Asian Men”

  1. Maaarghk – Absolutely!

    Assault on constituents looks to be the way forward when it comes to canvassing for your candidate

    An election without a winner – we get two parties, neither of whom were popular enough to be elected themselves in their own right then merge their vote count and seat numbers so that they can form a government that nobody voted for.

    Somehow I think their idea of a “Hung parliament” and mine are poles apart and yet mine would be so much more satisfying and would save a fortune in expenses.

  2. Prescott was deputy PM at the time. In his defence I have to say that this particular egg was thrown from only a couple of feet away and must have hurt like hell. Prezza threw a good left hook back, but the egg thrower seemed to be getting the better of him by the time they were dragged apart.

    By the way, we had an election yesterday. Does anyone know who won? I don’t.

    Are you a Geordie by any chance Spamheed?

  3. A wise Dutchman once said that we (Europe) are very tolerant of the intolerant, this lot are no different from any of the others, making a living out of feeding off peoples fears and phobias.

    Wasn’t it a sitting Labour minister (Prescott) who punched someone for throwing an egg at him?

  4. Former Federal LEO:

    No disrespect meant but, what does that have to do with his cozying up with the AZ chapter of the National Socialist Movement? The same group that brilliantly came up with “Report an Illegal Day” yesterday?

    Sure, his valor is admirable, as well as his two sons, but it certainly doesn’t excuse his very obvious relationship with a known Neo-Nazi group.

  5. My first reaction was to try to explain to my fellow American readers how the BNP was really a crazy, tiny extremist group, and that we shouldn’t pay them much attention.

    Then I realized how much the current Republican party resembles the vile BNP.

    (I still regret a missed opportunity I had about 10 years ago. Pat Buchanan was doing a book event, which was (not surprisingly for Chicago) poorly attended. I had a great opportunity to interact with him, but I didn’t. As an Irish-American, I could have asked him about the horrible irony of an Irish-American complaining about “undesirable” immigrants. But I really should have asked him about his feelings towards his counterpart in France, Jean-Marie Le Pen. Le Pen’s party, the FN, are clearly vile, right-wing bigots in the context of French politics. In the US, they would simply be Republicans.)

  6. vlf2112,

    Please read Senator Russell Pearce’s bio:


    “I was shot and critically wounded in the line of duty and was the recipient of the Medal of Valor (highest award given in law enforcement for exceptional bravery).”

    “I have two sons in law enforcement, Colten with the Gilbert Police Department and Sean with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. My son, Sean was shot and critically wounded while serving a homicide warrant on an illegal alien on Dec. 16, 2004. What made this so unusual was that I was at the Brookings Institute talking about the nation’s failed immigration policies in Washington D.C. when I was handed a note, stating, “There is an emergency at home, call immediately.” I stepped off the stage, found a phone and called home to find that my son had been critically injured and was being air-evacuated to a hospital.”

    End Quote

  7. “When one of the men spat on Bailey, he hit the man and a fight ensued.”

    That makes it seem like a random protester or something spat on him and he got pissed off. This is much more crazy: Bailey intentionally picks a fight with the 3 teens.

  8. Blackshirts.

    As our main parties lose the plot more and more, the extremists of all (political) colours ooze in.

    The bnp have quite a few local councillors, including a couple in my own area. I went to school with the first one to get a seat. He was a truly obnoxious little thug who went on to have a “career” as a football hooligan.

    Personally I would sort this scum out in the same manner that we did in 1940. However, free speach and all that….

  9. If this were Russell Pearce, he would have been surrounded by his neo-Nazi skinhead buddies.

  10. Available en Español (SAP).

    Coming soon to Maricopa County, Arizona.

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