After Blocking Image of Muhammad, Comedy Central Announces Series on Jesus Christ

Comedy Central has rightfully been condemned for censoring “South Park” after extremists made implied threats due to the showing of the image of Muhammad. Yet, the network is now reportedly developing a whole animated series around Jesus Christ, who is also routinely shown on “South Park.”

The network announced “JC,” a half-hour show about Christ wanting to escape the shadow of his “powerful but apathetic father” and live a regular life in New York City.

Kent Alterman, Comedy Central’s head of original programming, stated “In general, comedy in purist form always makes some people uncomfortable.” That is certainly true. The problem is the total lack of integrity and principles shown in the South Park controversy. Comedians do have free speech rights and do engage in a form of political speech. Comedy Central not only engaged in censorship but it is now conveying that it will only make fun of religions that do not threaten to retaliate.

The combination of the decisions will no doubt embolden radical Muslims to threaten other artists and that is not a bit funny.

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37 thoughts on “After Blocking Image of Muhammad, Comedy Central Announces Series on Jesus Christ”

  1. Woosty.

    Did Jesus of Nazareth himself ever claim to be the messiah.

    The gospels were not written until almost a century after his death and there were many more of them than the canonical set found in the Christian New Testament. All of them were I suspect distorted by political agendas that were about at the time they were written. The gospels may give a glimpse of Jesus of Nazareth, but it is a glimpse through obscuring shrubbery of 1st century agendas. In any case most Christians have little acquaintance with the New Testament. I cannot criticize this, neither do I and my late father was a Presbyterian Minister. I have never considered him a Christian, I consider him a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. Luckily the Presbyterian Church in Australia never found out, otherwise they would have prosecuted him for heresy.

    Myself, I turned atheist one day while walking home from school at the age of 13. Since then I have developed an extreme hostility to Christianity. That I am an atheist is the only reason I am not a devil worshiper. However I recognize that many people who call themselves Christian have merely inherited the disease and are not particularly noxious, they may be nominal Christians or social Christians. The same is true for many, perhaps most who call themselves Muslim.

  2. Buddah, Mespo.

    We are in the era of post politically correctness. Ideas about the disadvantage of the disadvantaged being the result of unfairness in the structure of the social hierarchy are outdated and those who hold on to them are not just fools but evil, contemptible fools. Those who march proudly under vthe banner of opposition to political correctness have succeeded in making those of us who retain politically correct tendencies feel embarrassed and ashamed. I sometimes get into a mood where something that a politically correct looser would see as injustice makes me extremely angry, but at the same time I do not want to give anyone the chance to accuse me of politically correctness. I am not always in such a mood and can sometimes make rational arguments without the weapon of mass destruction level sarcasm.

  3. Buddah.

    I don’t see anything in your reply to my post with which I disagree. If Nero were around today he would call himself a Christian.

    The question is who owns the language, who owns words like “Christian”, “Good” and “evil”. It is my view that the majority whom I would in my rational moments refer to as God Bothering moralizing humbugs do. I am in the minority and therefore have no right to attach my meanings to these words, therefore I use them with the same meanings as would George W Bush or the Pope or a raving Nigger-hating Southern Baptist. This means that sometimes (it depends on the mood I am in) I find that the only way to express what I want to say is via extreme sarcasm, if I want to criticize an abuse of human rights I have to do so by giving the abusers fulsome praise but in doing so including all the censored connecting ideas that explain the actions of the abusers that they themselves would never mention.

    I make a very clear distinction between Jesus Christ and Jesus of Nazareth, they are not the same, they are opposites. Jesus of Nazareth was anti-authoritarian or treated authoritarianism with amused contempt, Jesus Christ on the other hand is a supporter of authoritarianism. Jesus of Nazareth may have been a real person, Jesus Christ is a character created by the Christian church after it became the bearer of the official religion of the Roman Empire.

    However when I say that the ideology of Jesus of Nazareth is incompatible with the proper functioning of society I am both being sarcastic and saying something that I believe to be the unfortunate truth. When the elites of the West decided that they needed Iraq’s oil and that they needed to make war justified by lies, it would have been difficult indeed had those of the citizens that called themselves Christians actually been followers of Jesus of Nazareth. All nations are predominantly authoritarian and none that is excessively infected by Nazarian philosophy would survive very long.

    The unfortunate fact is that human nature is what it is, nasty and brutal. It is not what some people think that it should be, that others think is attainable in the distant future and some think that it is now at least for their subgroup of humanity, noble and kind. I have spent many years turning myself into the most cynical person that I can, sadly I have only achieved realism.

  4. well I hope that was the case….I couldn’t even follow…

    My teaching was/is that Jesus the Christ was the anti-hypocrite…he was beyond the duality that most people are subject to by the subconscious. He died because he was a threat to those in power whose duality could have called their power to question. Hence the view that he was a G*d….that unattainable place.

    So most humans are human and when faced with judging themselves next to some being such as a Christ…the least road is to ‘kill’ the objectified…the greatest…to love.

    Even more?…to die for….

    the rest is crap

  5. Ahhhh.

    I am on the decaf this morning. It may have impaired my sarcasm sensor.

    Cursed decaf.

  6. CM,

    You know, I do agree with you quite often. But that? That was pretty close to insanity. I’m not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination, but Jesus himself (not all the nitwits working in “His name”) taught love, compassion and sacrifice for the good of others as being good not just for society but for you personally as well.

    What’s been done in Jesus name is a really bad joke, I can’t argue that. But to state that Jesus’ teachings (as opposed to the teachings of those hiding behind his skirt, er, robe) as being counter to civilization and that a sociopathic narcissist like Nero had the right idea on how to do things? Well that renders this statement moot: “Decent Christians like George Bush, Tony Blair and John Winston Howard concentrate on starting wars against brown people and passing laws that put more brown people in prison.” It’s a composition error. What do all of those men have in common with Nero? Foremost, they all have nothing “decent” about them – Christian or otherwise. They are ideological peas in a pod with that whack job Nero. Bush is one of those faux Christians that if Jesus came back today like the lion his ridiculous Fundie fairy tale predict? George would be up at the front of the line to get eaten. None of those men or their actions you listed would be approved by any kind of compassionate philosophy let alone Jesus’ teachings. That has a lot less to do with Jesus than it has to do with their lack of good character, i.e. their intrinsically evil nature.

    You don’t like a lot of the vile shit done in Jesus name? I’m with you 100%. But so would Jesus proper. Don’t blame Him for the failings of other humans. He tried to teach people to behave better toward one another but more importantly He’s remote in time. Jesus has been dead 2000 years. Those clowns you listed screwed the pooch all on their own and without divine intervention. Because when George the Dim said Jesus told him to invade Iraq? That was 1) the all too human voices in his ear like the manifestly and self-evidently evil Cheney and 2) the imaginary voices in his own retarded cocaine and booze addled head.

  7. Blouise.

    ‘WHAT!!?? Some of the most devout Christians I know are on the “left”.’

    There is no such thing as a leftist Christian. You are confusing Christians with followers of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Jesus of Nazareth was a very bad person who had ridiculous and not to say evil ideas about poor people and those rightly marginalized by society having rights in the eyes of God. He consorted with all the wrong people. If he were around today he would be in the company of gaol birds and prostitutes, homosexuals, drug users and terrorists, that is if he wasn’t himself in prison on charges of supporting terrorism. Quite rightly the authorities of his day nailed him to a piece of wood until dead.

    Then righteous God raised him from the dead but as Jesus Christ, a figure of impeccable establishment credentials and respectability, a pure blood Aryan the son of God himself who would be welcome in the drawing rooms of pedophile archbishops and South American military dictators and at parties at the White House.

    The ideology of Jesus of Nazareth if widely believed is incompatible with the good order of society. Nero had the right idea about such people, use them as cat food. Thankfully his ideology has been supplanted by that of Christ. Decent Christians like George Bush, Tony Blair and John Winston Howard concentrate on starting wars against brown people and passing laws that put more brown people in prison.

  8. @Buddha is Laughing,

    J’acquisce. Their actions are bizarre and do indeed prove your many points.
    Tomorrow I will draw Mohammed….start anyway.

    I have it on divine authority that Jesus probably won’t waste his time watching anything so silly and Mohammed himself couldn’t care less what I do.

  9. Tootie
    …… This is because Christians are not the monsters the left makes them out to be.


    WHAT!!?? Some of the most devout Christians I know are on the “left”. Your generalizations are absurd!!

  10. But of course as they are fully confident that there will be no repercussions.

    This is because Christians are not the monsters the left makes them out to be.

  11. Ridiculous. I, for one, have decided to stop watching any Comedy Central programming. It’s a shame–I have to wonder though–what the he’ll are they thinking. They must’ve known they’d look like hacks- not to mention losers only willing to pick on the kid who doesn’t fight back.

  12. Do we expect more from the minions of Corporate America? The bottom line always trumps free speech. to paraphrase Ben Franklin: Here is your Republic, if you can keep it.

  13. That’s only because you can’t get the Bible in MP3 audio format

  14. Does anyone remember the shit John Lennon got when he said that “He, the Beatles” were more popular than Jesus Christ? It is true don’t you know.

  15. Viacom,

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    1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
    2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings

    ca·pit·u·late \kə-ˈpi-chə-ˌlāt\, i.v.

    1 archaic : parley, negotiate
    2 a : to surrender often after negotiation of terms b : to cease resisting : acquiesce
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    Congratulations! You just won the “Terrorist Enabler” Tri-fecta!

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