Illinois Woman Convicted Of Killing Motorcyclist After Driving While Doing Nails

A jury found Lora Hunt, left, guilty of causing an accident that killed motorcyclist Anita Zaffke, right, by doing her nails while driving.

Hunt, 48, was convicted of reckless homicide in the 2009 crash in her Chevrolet Impala. It took the jury less than four hours to convict.

Hunt is a nurse with five children and eight grandchidren and faces a sentence that ranges from probation to a five-year prison term.

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9 thoughts on “Illinois Woman Convicted Of Killing Motorcyclist After Driving While Doing Nails”

  1. what people don’t know is when they see a guy on a non-crotch rocket bike, the chances are it is a cop, fire, military, sheriff, paramedic, and chances are about 98% that they have one of the above in the immediate family.

    doing her nails while driving. i feel like punching hunt right in her face. and her daughter’s face. actually all her kids. but i’m too old and washed up. people can’t drive to begin with and i can say this because i drive the area where the accident happened all the time for my zone. you’re approaching them on the straightaway of I-294 for a mile and then when you are within literally three feet, they decide that they suddenly have to be in front of you, except they do not match your speed and if they see me they quickly correct, but i have seen others end up having to slam on their brakes. it is unbelievable. hands-down toyota and lexus drivers do this the most, the dumbest drivers in the country. they also get out of their lane to “see better”, not to pass anyone; and go the same speed. imagine having semi trucks in the 2 right lanes, and then idiot gets into the 3rd lane to see better, but they are going the same speed as both the semis in the other lanes. Now a 4 lane highway is reduced to one.

    and then the people that tailgate motorcycles, or clog the lanes, because they want to look at the bike and passengers, so they clog up the entire highway. these people should have their reproductive organs removed because we don’t want you around. you suck. and then they have the idiocy to *honk* at the bike if it passes them using the corner of their lane, or splits the lanes. these are the same people i figure, that let their 10 year old daughters walk around with eye makeup, lipstick, and TINY shorts that say “juicy”. little idiot sluts in training.

    i am about to research hunt’s final sentence because i never actually heard what ended up happening to hunt. if she only got probation for doing her nails and killing someone, i will crap myself. if it was a horrible accident — perhaps probation. but hunt needs to be put in jail for 20 years, and HELLO — not be allowed to work as a nurse any more!!! she shouldn’t even be let alone in a room with a minor, including her own kids.

  2. I have been behind ladies who are using both hands to put on eye make-up using the rear view mirror while driving with their knees! Pretty scary stuff. Sad story, but she needs to spend some time in jail where she won’t have to worry about her nails.

  3. There, but for the grace of god, go a heck of a lot of people I know.

  4. i also ride motorcycles and when i lived in atlanta i would see people putting on makeup making, coffee, and one guy that would read the newspaper. and this was before cell phones (car mobile phones only).
    i don’t care how many kid or grandkids she has or what she does for a living.
    i was trying to find out if the story would give any details of the motorcyclist but after six tries and it not loading…(newspapers and intertubes don’t mix)

  5. As both a motorcyclist and driver I have to agree with Spamheed. We have a lot of problems in the UK with drivers using hand held mobiles – even texting on them!
    Sadly we now police our roads with speed cameras instead of Traffic Police, so these oxygen theives seldom get caught until they kill someone.
    And as we have been de-gunned, it’s very difficult to take care of the cameras. Or the texting drivers.

  6. Sad Sad Sad

    In cases like this they should be made to attend the funeral of their unfortunate victims and then attend the wake to justify their actions directly to the remaining family of the victim.

    If she is still in one piece when the family have vented, then they go to trail

  7. This has to be a great loss for all involved. At least she was not eating cereal. Or they she would truly be known as the Great Cereal Killer of the North.

  8. I really have no issue with sending this woman to prison. Death due to vanity and stupidity in operating an inherently dangerous machine is a truly senseless death.

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