Bloggie Doggie: Meet Molly

One of our regular bloggers has sent in a picture of Molly in the first of our newest feature of the pets of the people of the Turley Blog. Each Saturday we will feature one such lucky pet, so send me pictures and information by email to make your own pet an Internet star! For the questions, click here.

Name: Molly.

Breed(s): Cocker Spaniel.

Age: 11 or 12.

Quirks: She is a velcro dog who follows you everywhere.

Favorite food: The cat’s dinner.


1. What story sums up your pet’s character or lack thereof?

Molly was rescued four years ago from a puppy mill where she was bred repeatedly and left emaciated. She has recovered, but she has only one eye, is partially blind in the other, and is deaf. As a rescue dog, she needs extensive medical care. She is incredibly happy for all she has gone through. She is a good example for everyone.

2. What historical figure does your pet most resemble? (Outfits are permitted)

Mother Teresa.

3. What celebrity or politician would you be most willing and least willing to leave your pet with for a weekend?

Are you kidding? Trusted friends and medical pet boarding only.

4. What public office would your pet be best suited to assume?

That sheriff out in Arizona, Arpaio. She would do a better job than him.

5. If placed on the Supreme Court, what judicial philosophy (strict construction, liberal interpretation, textualism etc) would he or she likely adopt?

She would join the empathetic grouping of Ginsburg, Sotomayer, Breyer and Stevens against the Pit Bulls led by Scalia.

11 thoughts on “Bloggie Doggie: Meet Molly”

  1. The Unsinkable Molly Dawg! Great story and kudos to the adoptive family for taking on the important job of caring for Molly.

  2. Molly finally found a home that she deserves!
    Thank you for sharing Molly’s story đŸ™‚

  3. awwwww, hi Molly!!!! you’re a sweet girl

    Boo says “woof”

  4. Awwwww, what a cutie-pie!

    Excerpts of Molly’s posting with the last lines “Please think of me the next time you see puppies from a puppy mill. You see every cute puppy. You never see an abused mother.” should be on billboards beside every Missouri highway heading south from KC and St. Louis. Southern Missouri is notorious for its puppy mills.

    Molly is a lucky girl to have you as her human.

  5. Molly is indeed a very lucky girl…as is her mommy! She sends a very important message always buy from shelters or reputable breeders only, it’s the only way to shut down the puppy mills forever!

  6. Dear Professor,

    Thank you for putting up my picture. I am a rescue dog. I am now 11 or 12. I spent many many hard years in a backyard puppy mill. They bred me many many times until I could do it no more. Four years ago, the owner abandoned me to a shelter. I weighed no more than 16 pounds. My health was very bad because they neglected me so badly

    A rescue group took me and put me in a foster home. Then my mommy came and adopted me. She nursed me back to health. I now weigh 25 pounds.

    My eyes needed an operation for cataracts, but it went wrong. I lost my left eye. My right eye is nearly blind and needs medication every single day. I see only shapes and forms. I am deaf. My ears are infected. I have high blood pressure and kidney disease.

    In spite of all these problems, I love my life. I can sniff and smell. Mommy takes me for walks. Children and grownups ask to pet me. I love to ride in cars. We go to outdoor restaurants. She feeds me and gives me my medicine. I love my mommy.

    I love my mommy more than anyone in the world. I wait for her to come home. When she is home, I never leave her side. She makes me happy. I try to make her happy, and I do make her very happy. No matter how many troubles I have had, I am still happy to be alive and to be a good dog.

    Please think of me the next time you see puppies from a puppy mill. You see every cute puppy. You never see an abused mother.


  7. And may the Senate Committee Commence to fill the soon to be vacancy. When will Thomas retire? That is my next bet.

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