Shock Video: “I’m Going to Beat the [expletive] Mexican Piss Out of You Homey”

Below is a shocking video of Seattle police kicking a man on the ground after he was apprehended in an alleged robbery. A male officer is heard calling the man racial slurs as he kicks him: “I’m going to beat the [expletive] Mexican piss out of you homey. You feel me?”

A female officer then joins in on the kicking.

The man was later found not to have been involved in the robbery and released.

The male officer has been identified as Gang Unit Detective Shandy Cobane, a sixteen year veteran and the 2004 East Precinct Officer of the Year. he was also named president of the 1994 class at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

Cobane has apologized for the language (here: “”I know my words cut deep and were very hurtful. … I am truly, truly sorry.”

For the story, click here.

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  1. The officer involved in this case has been involved in a new incident:

    Cop In Stomping Incident Involved In Police Video Cover-Up

    In the case, Detective Cobane claims to be a victim of assault, and then his own gang unit proceeds to investigate the assault with Cobane as an investigating officer. It was the view of his gang unit that they are allowed to investigate offenses against themselves because they “have detectives”. Says the judge “I have not seen a case this poorly investigated in my 22 years on the bench”. Audio transcript of the ruling in the story link.

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  3. What is causing it? I blame the ‘WAR on drugs’. When you are fighting a war, you need to look and act like you are fighting a war.

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