Iran Hangs Five “Enemies of God”

Iran hanged on Sunday five militants convicted of bombing government offices and a gas pipeline. What is fascinating is that such militants, including a woman Shirin Alamhouli, are defined by the medieval Iranian system as “enemies of God.”

In addition to Alamhouli, the other hanged “enemies of God” were Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heidarian, Farhad Vakili and Mehdi Eslamian. All were accused of being members of the Kurdish rebel group, PJAK, except Eslamian who reportedly belonged to the monarchist group, Kingdom Assembly of Iran.

Iran is not the only country who kills militants. Indeed, we have the death penalty for terrorists. However, it is fascinating to see the corrosive effect of a legal system that purports to speak for God and carries out punishments in his name.

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11 thoughts on “Iran Hangs Five “Enemies of God””

  1. Who the hell is “they”? I don’t know of any American Christians advocating such a thing. The fact is the vast majority of conservative Christians or fundamentalist nuts have nothing in common with this Shia Muslim regime in Iran.

  2. Isn’t that just precious? Just think of it, they will be administering lethal injections to anyone here who thinks Jebus is a myth and sees the Talking Snake as the bugaboo Satan, designed to explain evil to the unwashed yet inexplicably capable of wreaking havoc despite the existence of a good God who is omnipotent.

  3. Unfortunately, in this country, the State has become God for those who wield power from within it.

  4. Another fine example of the excellent relationship between religion and state.

  5. Whomever is getting the “word” from God on who should be executed, please ask him/her to explain why “I am mad in the head” is still allowed to be in power in Iran?

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