Autistic Child Charged With Terrorism Over School Drawing

Shane Finn, 14, is an autistic eighth grader with the mental capacity of a third grader. He did something not unknown to kids around the world. He drew a stick figure of himself shooting his teacher. He is now an accused terrorist in Georgia.

The childish drawing included the helpful labels “me” for the figure pointing the gun at the other figure, labeled “Hartman.” Hartman was not amused and, despite the fact that Finn has only 75 IQ, Finn was charged with a terrorism felony.

We seem to have become a society where any infraction must be expressed in criminal terms, even when committed by a child (here). Even sketching a gun can get you suspended, here. Once again, the question remains the judgment and professional responsibility of the prosecutors in advancing these charges. If a 14-year-old autistic boy is now considered a terrorist for a drawing, we have lost this fight.

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  1. I sit back laughing because this is just what Shane wants. He wanted to be a martyr and get the media exposure and you dolts dole it out ignorantly…It’s not about Hartman…Shane gets the last laugh…

    Viva la Shane!

  2. As a child the school system shuttled me among the classes for the learning disabled and “gifted”; I was occasionally shaken pretty violently, locked in the janitors closet to meditate on my failings and (best of all) just plain left alone to participate or not and progress (quickly) through the various grades at my own rate based on test scores. School was a horror starting in Kindergarten. In retrospect though it was preferable to what I read about the drugging of school children as SOP to keep them from being disruptive and the criminalization of childhood and childish behavior.

    Our kids seem to have been relegated to little more than political pawns in an increasingly politicized society. At least I did have the benefit of a Civics class and three good teachers between kindergarten and HS graduation and it seems to me that if the American Taliban has its way not even that will be available to future generations.

    Republicans search schoolroom, remove pro-labor teaching materials

    “…Knox County Republican caucus there to find that his teachers’ materials had been rifled through and a poster outlining the history of the US labor movement was missing, replaced with a bumper sticker that reads, “Working People Vote Republican,” …Republican operatives also rifled through a closed cardboard box containing copies of the US Constitution, donated by the American Civil Liberties Union. And Clifford found a note nearby that stated, “A Republican was here. What gives you the right to propagandize impressionable kids?” “

  3. I found a dump load of information which can help Shane Finn and his attorney. does anyone know the attorney’s name or even their law firm? If you can help me find this information, I think we can all be heroes here.

  4. . .The square looking Cartoon replica of a ‘Cartoon Gun’ that shoots cartoons (or ‘Paper Gun’ that shoots lawsuit bullets)clearly illustrates that the ‘Cartoon Gun’ might be metaphorically discharging ‘Cartoons’ upon the same group of wrongdoers who have offensively used the law to attack Shane Finn.
    . .Of course, the School Authorities may never face charges for fabricating an elaborate, and defamaing false police report against Shane Finn; but, the family of Shane Finn should file a Complaint against the complainants who attacked Shane with the false police report.
    . . The school officials are examples of time wasting misfits who exaggerate and distort trivia into major litigation to serve their own imagined falsehoods.
    . .

  5. Aye, mespo. That was a gem.

    Or in the words of a “mutual acquaintance” . . .

    [after a hail of gunfire doesn’t stop V]

    Creedy: Die! Die! Why won’t you die?… Why won’t you die?

    V: Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

  6. Mespo:

    excellent post, it took about 2,000 years for the intellectual groundwork for the United States to be laid. Probably longer than that.

    And the concepts and principles our country are founded on are relatively new and always seem to be buffeted by those who would deny people liberty.

    There is no significant action without thought first.

    great post.

  7. the mental capacity of a third grader

    Sounds like that describes the mind of the authorities.

    Somebody sing “Georgia out of my mind” …

    The country has been severely mentally damaged by years of propaganda, which is after all, an effort to detach the public from reality.

    Sooner or later propaganda is going to damage the minds of somebody.

    Here is an example of the side effects of fear propaganda.

  8. artguy:

    “Writing blogs is fine, commenting here there and everywhere is fine, but it achieves nothing without action.

    Get out there and prove to the world you can save the country that promised so much but has now lost nearly everything.”


    All great actions begin with the intellectual foundation built primarily of written words. To that extent, we are following in the giant footsteps of our founders. Committees of Correspondence were the first acts of rebellion, as you might recall. It is true that without action, thoughts are impotent but it can scarcely be argued that one can exist without the other.

  9. Georgia became a state in 1788 (fourth colony to ratify the Constitution).

    At their founding in 1733 slavery was illegal. They did not legalize slavery until 1749.

    They seceded from the Union in 1861 and were the fourth state to do so. The infamous Andersonville Civil War Prison was in Georgia.

    The KKK originated in Tennessee and found a happy home in Georgia.

    Georgia stands 6th in the country for illegal immigrants.

    Their public school system ranks in the 40’s.

    The terrorism charge against a 14 year old autistic child with the mental capacity of a third grader should surprise no one. It’s Georgia for cryin’ out loud!

  10. It’s the Inquisition all over again..!

    Prosecutors only care about convictions not the truth or reason or the facts, if they think they can add a conviction to their score card, that’s all the matters not who’s guilty or innocent the harm of injustice they are repeatedly guilty of!

  11. as a New Zealander i live in a country that is not quite as far gone as yours but it doing its best to catch up. We have been forced to accept many of the frightening , illogical and simply undemocratic actions that modern World poitics prescribe as Justice in the War on Terror.

    This story is a fine example of the stupidity being leagalised as security. The serious aspect of this New World Order is that this child, if convicted, will be on the no-fly list. The no-fly list that over 1 million Americans are on with the majority being placed on the list for no criminal behaviour whatsoever.

    The same no-fly list which your Government is pushing as reason to strip the listed ‘terrorists’ of their citizenship

    You should all be very afraid for your land is the first going down and we all will follow i have no doubt, but you are the ones who can do something to stop it.

    Writing blogs is fine, commenting here there and everywhere is fine, but it achieves nothing without action.

    Get out there and prove to the world you can save the country that promised so much but has now lost nearly everything.

  12. As someone who teaches children with autism, and should understand the communication challenges that this group of individuals face on a daily basis, I would think that Hartman would have been rejoicing at young Shane’s accomplishment. Research is proving more and more everyday that people with autism are far more able to communicate both receptive and expressive communication) pictorily, not only did Shane do this, but he communicated an emotion….anger.

  13. Oh my GOD, Obama just layed out the “I don’t give a shit” bombed. And poor Olbermann and Maddow are force to skate into the great limbo. I mean WTH, the big fat void has come to sit on our chest.

    Obama merely didn’t just do nothing, Obama actually did “nothing” uh so, where the hell does reality go from here with scary big oil spill? Any suggestions Jonathan??? Holy shit, what now?

  14. I restate my comments on the Alabama governor’s race evolution controversy thread. Simply substitute the word “Georgia” wherever you see the word “Alabama.”

  15. This really scares me, especially with having a son that has an autism spectrum disorder and is completely fascinated with military history and weapons. His impulsive behaviour would allow him to create something like this possibly.

  16. I represented the mother of a 4th grader. He stuck his finer out while on the playground and said, “Bang, bang.” He got a detention for commiting a “low risk violent act.” There was not speaking logic to these folks.

  17. Byron:

    “how much are selling it for? Are you dispensing advice like Lucy or are you performing some sort of miracle? It is Georgia afterall.”


    I was going to price it on a sliding scale based on need, but I estimated my revenue at zero. I am also thinking of just selling it at the stand, but if I can master that walking on water stuff I may expand it to weekend boaters.

  18. Mespo:

    how much are selling it for? Are you dispensing advice like Lucy or are you performing some sort of miracle? It is Georgia afterall.

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