Video Shows Ohio Officer Shooting Unarmed Motor Cyclist

The trial of Ottawa Hills, Ohio Officer Thomas White has begun with a startling videotape of his shooting biker Michael McCloskey. White had followed McCloskey and his friends as they raced on their Harley Davidsons.

White appears to shoot McCloskey who has stopped and does not make any threatening move. While White insists that he believed McCloskey was armed, no such weapon was found.

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32 thoughts on “Video Shows Ohio Officer Shooting Unarmed Motor Cyclist”

  1. Very sick this cop knew what he was doing should be in PRISON for 13 YEARS..MINUMUM..he was angry at the harley riders and really took out his anger…this thing should of never even BEEN a COP..he was AN accident waiting too happen..on the general public..CLEARLY SHOT THE MAN IN THE BACK..AND THEN..WOULD NOT EVEN HELP HIM…WE ARE CITIZENS AND ARE WATCHING ALL..THIS COP CRUD GOING ON..

  2. I’m amazed that the officer was convicted of anything. But what the heck is “felonious assault with a firearms specification”? I’m guessing that “firearms specification” is roughly equivalent to “deadly weapon” in this case, but it’s still some vaguely Orwellian language.

    I guess I would have to say that it is “lucky” that the shooting victim in this case was “white.” There are lots of dead or maimed/paralyzed “black” people across America where the shooting officer was never charged with any crime.

    Also, if someone went around shooting people in Ohio, what would (s)he have to do in order to be charged with “felonious assault with a firearms specification” instead of, say, attempted murder. It seems that when one person shoots another person, particularly in the head or torso, that the shooter is trying to kill the target, thus, attempted murder.

  3. Anonymously Yours

    What else would you expect, Ohio you say.


    Yep, our police shoot unarmed golden labs frolicking in their own back yards too. Brave bunch!

  4. tolbuck:

    I am amazed they found two defense “experts” to say that a motorcyclist turning around to face the officer after being stopped was making an aggressive maneuver justifying deadly force. Apparently they could find a pulse on a corpse, too.

    With apologies to Chrissie Hynde, Way to go Ohio!

  5. It would have been the 39th anniversary of Kent State and that was the national guard, not the police.

  6. seems to me the officer was just 19 days late while celebrating the 29th aniversary of the kent state shootings.

  7. @Mack – What do you plan to do with your winnings? And I want to meet your co-worker, sounds like a real sucker.

    One other small thing I noticed in the video was that the cop literally rolled every stop sign whereas the bikers made full stops. Petty, I know, but still annoying.

  8. “Thing is I was not underneath it at the time……”

    LOL. I love the British.

  9. Matthew N.

    I agree that it’s possible to lift a heavy bike as I (9 stone dripping wet) have lifted my own fully panniered Yam FJ1200 off the deck.

    Thing is I was not underneath it at the time……

  10. paralysis

    physical in the case of the biker…
    mental on the part of the cop

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