13 thoughts on “Video: Columbia Professor Faints on Glenn Beck Show”

  1. Glenn is a sweetheart.

    What happened to the guy? Read about that here:

  2. I’d pass out in Glenn’s presence too – only so much bullsh*t one can inhale.

  3. “I’ll be Hitler …”

    lol!!! hope it’s not a Freudian slip! [just think what a reporter could mash that into!]

  4. was he alright?

    what happened?

    he said ‘I’m passing out….I’m passing out…’

  5. Let that be a lesson to you Prof. Don’t go on Fox. They have Beck doing double duty as inmate and nurse. That can’t be good.

  6. No doubt the good professor was overcome by Mr. Beck’s clarity of presentation. I know I often am. Overcome.

  7. I wonder if its because people don’t have discretionary spending. Oh labor is too much we must cut costs.

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