California Teacher Reportedly Finds Flag Picture Offensive

Just a week after students were told to take off their tee-shirts showing the American flag as offensive on Cinco de Mayo, a California middle student was told that her drawing of an American flag with the words God Bless America was offensive.

Seventh grade art teacher Peggy Saunders reportedly praised a picture of President Obama but found the flag drawing to be potentially offensive.

The picture contained lettering proclaiming “God Bless America” and “In God We Trust.”
The drawing was for the “Yellow Ribbon Project,” which sends care packages to military war zones.

Students were reportedly told that nothing could be written on the picture of a flag and one official said that “God Bless America” may be offensive to some soldiers. I can understand the first but not the second point. I fail to see why, even for an atheist soldier, the words would be offensive rather than the patriotic expression of a child.

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