Power Play: Arizona Utility Commissioner Threatens To Cut Off Power to Los Angeles If City Boycotts State

Arizona Corporation Commission member Gary Pierce has threatened that the state may cut off power to Los Angeles if that city goes forward with a boycott of his state over its controversial immigration law. The city gets 25 percent of its power from Arizona.

In his letter, Pierce stated:

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation.

I am confident that Arizona’s utilities would be happy to take those electrons off your hands. If, however, you find that the City Council lacks the strength of its convictions to turn off the lights in Los Angeles and boycott Arizona power, please reconsider the wisdom of attempting to harm Arizona’s economy.

Here is the full letter to the Mayor: Letter to LA

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  1. Close the borders. With all this government take over of private industry they might as well take over the border, it’s an industry all of it’s own.

  2. Girl Outs Mother’s Citizenship Status During First Lady’s School Visit

    A second-grader may have unwittingly blown the whistle on her mother’s citizenship status during Michelle Obama’s visit to a Silver Spring, Md., school — and right in front of Mexico’s first lady.

    Margarita Zavala joined Mrs. Obama for a visit to New Hampshire Estates Elementary School Wednesday.

    During a question-and-answer session, one girl took her immigration concerns to the top, telling Mrs. Obama that her mom says that “Barack Obama is taking everybody away that doesn’t have papers.”

    The first lady replied that they have to make sure people living in the United States have the proper citizenship papers.


  3. Homeland Security Alert: Terror suspect may be headed to Texas through Mexico

    by Shern-Min Chow / 11 News


    Posted on May 18, 2010 at 7:40 AM

    HOUSTON — A Homeland Security Alert is asking Houston police and Harris County Sheriff’s deputies to keep their eyes open for a potential terrorist.

    The alert focuses on Mohamed Ali, a suspected member of the terrorist group Al Shabaab. It indicates he may be traveling to the U.S. through Mexico.

    Al Shabaab is a terrorist group based in Somalia with links to the Somali attacks dramatized in the movie “Blackhawk Down.” A few months ago, the group announced its allegiance to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

    “[Al Shabaab operatives] are certainly a real threat to U.S. security and an increasing threat to U.S. security,” said Rice University Baker Institute Fellow Joan Neuhaus Schaan. Schaan is an expert on Homeland Security and terrorism, and her research is reviewed by the U.S. government, military and civil authorities.

    She said Al-Shabaab trains extremists and wants to turn Somalia into the next Afghanistan.

    “Similar to the set up in Afghanistan in 2001 when Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden had a strong relationship with the Taliban that allowed them free reign in Afghanistan,” Neuhas Schaan said.

    The route from Somalia to Texas is shorter than Americans would like to think. It goes through Mexico. Two weeks ago, a federal indictment was filed in San Antonio against a Somali citizen. It alleges Ahmed Muhammed Dhakane led a “large-scale smuggling enterprise,” moving east Africans into the U.S., including members of a terrorist group called AIAI.

    “It was hundreds of individuals,” Neuhaus Schaan said, in referrence to the indictment.

    The current indictment has three counts for making false statements in regard to immigration for allegedly lying about his ties to terrorist groups. The U.S. Attorney’s office in the Western District indicates the investigation is ongoing.

    Why would Al Shabaab come to the U.S?

    “Either to recruit provide more funding or serve as operatives or sleepers for some future activity,” Neuhaus Schaan said.

    It’s not a melodramatic spy movie. It’s reality. In 2007, former Houstonian Daniel Joseph Maldonado was brought back to Houston by the U.S Attorney in the Southern District after he was captured in Somalia reportedly training with terrorist groups.

    “He had initially been on the frontlines of Al Shabaab, but when they realized he was an American, they pulled him back because they had plans for him to come back to the U.S. and recruit female suicide bombers,” said Neuhaus Schaan.

    U.S. Homeland Security officials confirmed the Muhamed Ali alert, but declined to comment on it. They did not indicate that this report would jeopardize any ongoing investigation.

    If authorities are right, Mohamed Ali is hardly alone and a terror network is following well-worn human smuggling routes into the Lone Star State.

    “There would be a reasonable chance to have him [Mohamed Ali] coming through Houston,” Neuhaus Schaan said. “They [Al Shabaab] have been pretty busy in Texas.”


  4. Immigrant crossings into Arizona on the rise

    By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ (AP) – 1 day ago

    NOGALES, Mexico — The migrants walk for days through miles of mesquite scrub, running low on food and sometimes water, paying armed drug thug “guides” and dodging U.S. law enforcement officers along the way. And still they keep coming.

    The latest figures show that Arizona, which is about to put into effect the nation’s toughest immigration law, also is the only border state where illegal crossings are on the rise.

    While tightened security and daunting fences in Texas and California have made Arizona a busy crossing corridor for years, migrant smugglers now are finding new ways through the state’s treacherous deserts.

    Carmen Gonzalez, 27, recalled seven days and six nights of walking with her husband in the desert and being accosted by Mexican thugs with AK-47s, who demanded $100 bribes. They were later arrested at a safe house in Arizona.


  5. Notice a trend about all these bills since January 2009 that nobody reads but they know all about.

    You could be at an ice cream parlor with your kids and, and, a officer could walk up to you and ask to see your birth certificate, how ironic from the man that won’t show you his original.

    Holder hasn’t read Ariz. immigration bill


    Napolitano Admits She Hasn’t Read Arizona Immigration Law in ‘Detail’


    Anybody here read the bill?

  6. they have put themselves over a barrel.

    Tootie, don’t you mean in front of 🙂

    I shot the sheriff

    but it was because of no e-lec tric-ity .

  7. http://wonkroom.thinkprogress.org/2010/05/19/phoenix-police-immigration

    In the words of Paul Dobson, Phoenix police officer:

    “This [SB-1070] law will make me feel like a Nazi out there. […] How I feel about SB-1070 is I have a great deal of contempt for it, I am very emotional about it. This law is pure and simple a racist law. It is focused on Latinos. I would not be able to show any discretion whatsoever under SB-1070. I am required to arrest that person and take them to jail. As a law enforcement officer I am required to serve and protect. Under SB-1070, I know that people will not call officers in case of a real emergency. […] It violates our calling to serve and protect.”

    Well what do you know? One commissioner oversteps his boundaries in support of the right wing Neocon racist Nazis and one good cop stands up for justice. Guess which one will be the “Good American” when this is all over, Tootles? Hint: It’s not Gary Pierce.

  8. I’ve read the letter. I suggest to Mr. Pierce that many people believe that the passage of SB 1070 was not an exercise in “goodwill.”

    Arizona politicians must be required to take a course in pandering. I don’t know what’s coming up on the juvenile Arizona agenda, but look for the possibility of food fights at the next western governors’ conference.

  9. And you insist on framing this as a left/right issue when it isn’t, Tootles. But if you want to frame it that way, I’m game.

    Let’s start with the Right Wing asshat in the position of AZ Power Commissioner is interfering with the powers of both the Governor of AZ to set the tone and subject matter for interstate relations as well as the Federal government’s interest in interstate commerce and has decided to overstep the boundaries of his job description in an attempt to blackmail the State of California.

    We can work our way to criminal charges for him from there.

    I’d also like to add at this point that you clearly know squat about power distribution. Short supplies and downed lines are always a hazard even under optimal conditions. None of this stops CA from buying power elsewhere. Over a barrel?

    The only person over a barrel here is Gary Pierce and he bent over it all by himself by overstepping his boundaries and his actual powers of office.

  10. “Best way to overthrow America right now is to import tens and tens of millions of disloyal, ignorant, uneducated, ungrateful, arrogant, barbaric, and poorly assimilating foreign hostiles from nearby lands who do not have America’s best interests (like accepting immigration laws) in mind or heart”

    This is precisely the kind of hate and bigotry that brought this idiotic law into being in the first place and the reason it rightly brings the reactions it has. Thank you, Tootie, for exposing it to for all to see.

    The racism virtually spews from the AZ law as it does from Tootie’s keyboard. Never mind the millions of legal immigrants and American citizens potentially caught up in Tootie’s sickness and the laws Constitutional flaws. Let’s just ignore the reality of the hardworking, honest people who do our lowliest jobs without complaint. They clean the toilets in our homes and hotels and businesses, do construction and landscape work in the blistering AZ heat. They do the backbreaking work of picking our fruits and vegetables. They are sought after laborers and tilers, bricklayers, even craftsmen and artisans in wood and stone. Most toil silently and lawfully to not raise their profile. These are the folks I see in AZ.

    There is one potentially positive aspect to even this virulent strain of anti-immigrantion. If all the illegals left the job market, American employers would be forced to hire more Americans and they would have to pay more instead of depressing wages by exploiting the illegals they encourage to come across the border. This will significantly strengthen labor unions, especially in the service industries (restaurants, healthcare, janitorial, etc.). Lettuce will be $10 a head, but that’s the goal of the AZ law, isn’t it?

  11. Buddha, perhaps they can buy from elsewhere but that is unlikely to meet their needs because electrical production is a limited system. It isn’t necessarily limited because of flow, but because there are limited power generating facilities.

    electrical Cooperatives “buy” excess power from power companies because the excess electricity is very hard to store. The reason there is excess electricity is because gauging how much power is needed at any given time is not so easy AND each power producer has a fairly exact limited capacity. In other words full capacity is full capacity. No more power can be generated after full capacity is reached (unless the power plant is enlarged).

    Sometimes there isn’t enough power to buy (like when there is bad weather or downed lines). And other cities and towns already have contracts to buy this excess power. LA would be put to the back of the line.

    There are probably few alternatives for LA without building new power plants (a long-term project requiring an insane amount of compliance to crazy left-wing regulations). And since leftists in California hate this sort of thing which causes them to look elsewhere for their electrical needs, they have put themselves over a barrel.

  12. Jack Conway the democratic candidate is out saying Rand Paul is too “extreme” for Kentucky. Who knows? It just depends on who shows up to vote. I have noticed Rick Perry is not commenting on the Arizona law.

  13. Politicians are in a contest to see who can be the biggest jerk.

    Rand Paul would ok denying people of the “inferior race” to eat with the “superior race” at Diners and restaurants.

    Clearly, dementia is spreading.

  14. As to the threats of the AZ Power Commissioner, I’m sure he’ll enjoy his next job as a half-assed mob enforcer too stupid to realize that power can be rerouted and purchased elsewhere. Like vlf2112 said, this isn’t brain surgery. Which is good since the State of Arizona has a rocket surgeon in the operation room of the Power Commission.

  15. Paranoid much, Tootles?

    Listen up, screwhead.

    Who benefits most from illegal immigration?


    Because they can pay substandard wages and no benefits.

    Who is businesses BFF?

    The Neocon Right Wing GOP.

    Because there is no love greater for them than the love of money – especially their own. Who cares about the Constitution? That’s a rhetorical question, because clearly neither party gives a damn about the Constitution anymore as long as they let that torture ordering traitor Cheney walk free. Hooked on cheap labor, the greedy right brought this on themselves over many years.

    Now? It’s teabagger time.

    The people who “brought this on” are the racist jackasses in AZ trying to usurp the Federal governments role in the regulation of immigration. I’ll even stipulate the Feds are doing the job so poorly that something needs to change, but the change required is not to revert to a draconian police state where driving while brown is now officially a cause to stop someone and demand “Papers please.”

  16. This is faction, that deadly thing James Madison loathed. The jerks who oppose the new Arizona law started it.

    Immigration is dividing us because that is the plan.


    The whole purpose of union since 1787 was to avoid state on state retaliation and give the individual states a means for cooperation. Snub will lead to snub, offense to offense, to blows. This is always how it goes.

    Council on Foreign Relation members want Americans to hate each other in order to justify the need for a police-state. Joe Biden and John McCain are among the CFR’s longest standing members and so you see that the CFR usually always gets their man (or a relative of their man) in White House Their goal is the elimination of the nation-state and abolition of sovereign borders.

    They do this without our permission. It violates the laws of nations, the right for a people to self-determination.

    Best way to overthrow America right now is to import tens and tens of millions of disloyal, ignorant, uneducated, ungrateful, arrogant, barbaric, and poorly assimilating foreign hostiles from nearby lands who do not have America’s best interests (like accepting immigration laws) in mind or heart.

    Make sure they have a high crime rate and no life of the mind.

    Status of the US Government’s genocide of Americans of European descent: going swimmingly.

  17. A couple of things the chest-thumping, “My d*cks bigger than your d*ck” Pierce doesn’t get:

    California is part owner of most of the entities that provides the power.

    California purchases approximately 25% of its power from AZ – it could just purchase it from another state, and AZ ends up losing in the end.

    It’s not brain surgery.

  18. I anxiously await the decision of Mr. Pierce to become the most hated man in California — probably the nation if someone on life support dies.

  19. Ouch, well can somebody explain to me what the statement means. “The light are on but nobody is home?” The only question is this after INS/ICE came?

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