Thieves in Philadelphia Steal Disabled Man’s Wheelchair and Dog

We often chronicle the standouts in criminal law, but none quite match to the villainy this week of thieves in Philadelphia who stole not just the wheelchair of a disabled man in Philadelphia but his pet dog, Bengie.

Warren Lloyd, who suffers from cerebral palsy, had parked his motorized wheelchair at 11 a.m. while he bought a sandwich only to have thieves take off with both the chair and Bengie.

Neighbors later told Lloyd that the thieves later tried to sell Bengie.

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9 thoughts on “Thieves in Philadelphia Steal Disabled Man’s Wheelchair and Dog”

  1. Anony:

    A motorized wheelchair can cost upwards of 30,000 dollars, I think that is a little more than a misdemeanor.

  2. You have to be one, disburbed bastard to do something like this. Disgusting.

  3. James M.,

    In most states misdemeanors are by definition a year or less. Anything over 1 year will send you to prison. Texas has an edge on the rest and calls 2 year crimes state jail felony’s. The advantage of prison is you have more freedom. Most jails you are in lock down 24/7 and do not see the light of day unless you are a trustee.

    I hope the Jack Asses get some real time. I see that it was a motorized wheelchair which I presume will make their experience all that more enjoyable. Thank goodness that there was not a Chinese restaurant near by. Or may the Dog may have been Woked.

  4. AY,

    I’d expect the value of the wheelchair to make it a felony in nearly all states — the two may well plead to a misdemeanor, but hopefully the judge gives them some actual jail time after she hears what happened.

  5. CP, that is not nice of these “Jack Asses.” It will probably only be treated as a misdemeanor and they will probably walk.

  6. People like this make me really wish there were in fact an Inferno a la Dante. If I had any say, these thieves would be in the lowest circle, roasting on a spit being turned by devils forever.

    As for the victim, poor man. I hope he gets his dog and means of transportation back. Even more, I hope the dog who looks like a Shi-Tsu (a/k/a Shitzoo) is unharmed.

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