Bloggie Doggie: Meet Buddha

This week’s winner as Pet of the Week is Buddha (aka “Bu”) who is the companion of Stan (who informs me that he is the one in the white cap in the picture below). Bu is a therapy dog and a canine with real character. If you are interested in nominating a pet (any species allowed), you can find the questions here.

Breed: Lhasa Apso

Age 3

Quirks: I am his job. He follows me everywhere and will not allow me to pet other dogs. People who know him frequently stop their cars and get out to pet him. They know is name but often forget mine.

Favorite food: Anything but dog food.


1. What story or habit sums up your pet’s character or lack thereof?

He knows he is cute and will stop and wait for strangers to park their car, then wag his tail……if this does not work he wags his whole rear end. If a human passes him and is ignored he looks at me as if to say……….”what is up with them?”

2. What historical figure does your pet most resemble? (Outfits are permitted)

His name sake…………Buddha……….has a very laid back attitude and often lies with front and rear paws straight out. He never met a stranger he did not like (Will Rogers)

3. Why would your pet be a good choice for the Supreme Court and what judicial philosophy would he or she likely bring to rulings?

He would apply the wisdom of Buddha / does not hold grudges.

4. What public office would your pet be best suited to assume?

Ambassador……….loves people and would represent what ever state/city/country well.

5. Which Supreme Court justice or leading politician would you feel most comfortable and least comfortable in using as a pet sitter for a weekend?

Would definitely be with one of the liberal justices but each one would have to go through the smell test. As we known most Politians do not smell very well.

15 thoughts on “Bloggie Doggie: Meet Buddha”

  1. May I in this late hour contribute to”BUs”history,very regal looking to by the way.

  2. odd that my comment didnt get posted….

    anyway, i basically asked when is professor turley going to discuss Rand Paul controversy

  3. Thanks for selecting Bu as pet of the week on the famous Bloggie Doggie.

    Stan & Bu

  4. FFLEO,

    Of course I am. Who wouldn’t be a little envious of a canine companion of such good disposition?

  5. Very much so, Vince. 😀

    Which is unusual because Buddha Also Has A Hangover.

    That’s a lovely dog you have there, Stan. In the true tradition of Buddha, reading about him and seeing him has eased the suffering of another.

  6. Stan:

    perhaps you can post more pictures in the comments. I am doing this on my IPhone at the cabin with serious limitations.

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