School’s Out: Gaza Gunmen Burn Girl’s U.N. School for Teaching “Dancing and Immorality”

While religious police in Saudi Arabia are herding Emo girls (here), gunmen in the Gaza Strip have burned down a U.N.-run summer camp for children for educating girls and playing hip hop music.

Extremists in Gaza appear to have taken lessons from the Taliban who have a knack for burning down girls’ schools and throwing acid in the faces of little girls — all in the name of Islam. This attack was carried out by 20 men and followed a warning from a new radical group criticizing the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), for, “teaching schoolgirls fitness, dancing and immorality.”

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4 thoughts on “School’s Out: Gaza Gunmen Burn Girl’s U.N. School for Teaching “Dancing and Immorality””

  1. Gaza has the sympathy and support of so many around the world. And then the loonies that run the place undermine it all by doing something like this.

    “Teaching Schoolgirls immorality.” Forgive me, but I feel a “Saint Trinians” moment coming on – it’s a British thing.

  2. At least they didn’t burn the girls this time.

    Sounds like an internal struggle for power as much as religious intolerance.

  3. Amen,Amen I say unto thee….What will one world order produce. Maybe they haven’t heard of the Establishment Clause. Oh thats right they only allow one religion in the country at a time.

  4. Perfect example of when religion runs the show … these poor girls.

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