Bank Robbers Destroy Bank, Leave Cash Machine

Bank robbers in Germany went a bit overboard with the explosives in trying to break open a cash machine in Malliss. They destroyed the bank. The only thing remaining intact was the bank’s cash machine.

it appears that the thieves may have used explosives made from petrol or acetylene. They left with no money but somewhat wiser.

Of course, even American robbers have had problems with the dynamite to vault ratio:

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7 thoughts on “Bank Robbers Destroy Bank, Leave Cash Machine”

  1. or in the words of Inspector Clouseau:

    Special delivery, a behm, were you expecting one?.. A Behm? Ahhhaaaahhhaaaoooww

  2. In the imortal words of Michael Caine:

    “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

  3. This reminds me of a problem from a mathematical modeling class dealing with the US/Russia nuclear arms race; when would each side stop building weapons? The basic idea was that each side would start off by nuking the other side’s nukes, then use the remainder to nuke various other targets (military bases, population centers). The more fortified your launch points, the more nukes the other side would build, because they’d need to hit each one multiple times to destroy it. As I remember it, under that model, it would be better to house your weapons in moderately-destructible, rather than indestructible bunkers. Protect them too well and you risk losing everything in the crossfire.

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