10 thoughts on “A Beer With a High Ball”

  1. Do people still not understand the Zen of the Cubs? They have transcended the limitations of mere “winning” or “loosing”. Or “hitting the ball” or “catching the ball” for that matter. They have popped off the lowly mortal coil of desire and death and elevated themselves to the level of abstract poetry… desirous of nothing, merely being in the moment…

    If you want all that “winning” and “hitting” and “not letting balls roll between your legs” hold your nose and head down to the south side for a Sox game.

  2. You frustrated fans don’t know the meaning of futility … I, however, am a fan of the Indians and the Browns, do.

  3. You mean Chicago still has a baseball team? You never hear anything about them. I thought they had ridden off in the sunset never to return after last years performance.

    But here is breaking news.

    Rangers file for bankruptcy and Tom Hick is trying to walk away with 75 million. He also owns the Dallas Stars which is also for sale. He has major investments in a Liverpool Soccer team and they now want him to go away.

    Creditors Concerned Over Rangers’ Bankruptcy


    Ask Tom Hicks not what W can do to you but what he did for him…..it is estimated that Hicks at one time was worth over 1.3 billion. He has defaulted on 575 million dollar loans and lines of credit, since the economy went in the dumper.

  4. “A Mets fan would have demanded a new beer and retained counsel.”

    Well . . . yeah. They’re Mets fans. That’s the baseball equivalent of ringworm.

  5. Breaking news! Someone at Wrigley Field affiliated with the Cubs can catch a fly ball. Stop the presses! Oops, it was only in batting practice.

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