Dog and a Stick

This is why men identify with dogs. It just does not make sense. How does this stick do it?

You just know there is a cat filming this whole thing.

By the way, we are taking the kids to the Shenandoah for an overnight camping trip today (assuming I can get our new six person tent to stand upright). There will be a delay in postings, therefore, as we face the wild with only our wits, Jiffy Pop, and our dog Molly to protect us.

9 thoughts on “Dog and a Stick”

  1. I work in a bank. This stick thing is standard operating procedure. If we get past the posts the first operational requirement is to fire the dog, outsource the work to a smaller dog, increase the stick size and put up narrower-distanced posts. Repeat.

  2. My dog Ellie and I were in the woods a couple of years ago. She was really into sticks back then, thinking I would throw them for her no matter how big they were. She picked up a branch that was a good six feet long and about an inch or two in diameter. At first she could walk between the trees, but then the gaps got smaller. She started angling the stick so one end would get past first. When the gaps really narrowed she put the stick down, picked up one end in her mouth and dragged the stick through the opening. She is a very smart dog and I’m lucky to have her.

  3. BIL, I feel you:-))

    This puts me in mind of when the dog catches the car hes been chasing,now what do I do with it.

  4. pm?

    There is always an eternal optimist in every crowd who finds all the good in the all-bad..

    Also, the dog finally ‘figured’ it out–he ‘learned’ that by taking the short end of the stick in his jaws he could enter the gateway—most likely dumb luck, however.

  5. The dog has figured out how to hit TWO things with one stick at the same time.

  6. Buddha,

    That must be why they call those “dog days”.

    One of those days/weeks where you repeatedly try to force an oversized square peg in an undersized oval hole.

  7. The more I’ve thought about this video, the more I think it’s an allegory about my previous week.

  8. Seems like BP will be having an executive position opening soon.

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