Heart Attack in a Cup: Cold Stone Milk Shake is Equivalent to Eating 68 Pieces of Bacon

Cold Stone has achieved a level of infamy after being selected as the worst beverage of the year by Men’s Health Magazine — a 2,000-calorie milkshake that is the equivalent of 68 pieces of bacon or 30 chocolate chip cookies. It is called PB&C and should come with a defibrillator and digitalis pills.

You can combine the shake with Ribs and More Ribs by Buffalo Wild Wings and add 2,380 calories and 158 grams of fat, here.

You can add the 68 grams of saturated fat from the shake and a massive 153 grams of sugar.

The runners-up? Peanut Power Plus Grape from Smoothie King with 1,500 calories and McDonald’s Triple Thick Chocolate Milkshake worth 1,160 calories, or the equivalent of 13 McDonald’s apple pies.

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13 thoughts on “Heart Attack in a Cup: Cold Stone Milk Shake is Equivalent to Eating 68 Pieces of Bacon”

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  2. I am not sure whether the people who drink these things care about the calories. Now I guess under the health care law at some point restaurants will be forced to disclose their calories. McD already does but you have to hunt for the info. I used to like the apple fritters at Starbucks until I read that they are 900 calories.

  3. I just looked up my recommended daily intake of calories and fat and they are actually more than what you get from that milkshake. So I could have maybe a tuna salad sandwhich and a diet coke as well. No problem.

  4. mmmm…. 68 pieces of bacon washed down with a milkshake… (yes, I am salivating as I type this!)

  5. I have no problem with the saturated fat. It’s the sugar that’s the health killer. Conventional wisdom about saturated fat is flat out wrong. The fat that’s bad for you is the factory created seed oils which are marketed as healthy but in fact do more harm inflaming our bodies with an over abundance of omega 6 fatty acids.

  6. “There’s only one thing that smells like bacon and that’s BACON!”

  7. With stuff like this, there really isn’t any need to wonder why we’re a country of fat-asses.

  8. Darn it! I was going to get one of those shakes today, along with the ribs from Buffalo Wild Wings! I thought the shake was healthy, since it is made from milk and strawberries! And the ribs from BWW’s, isn’t meat good for you?

    Oh well, guess I’ll go get one of those all meat, no bun sandwiches from KFC….at least it’s all protein and no carbs!

  9. So if I eat a half-gallon of blue bell cake ice cream every two days or two pints in one day, I guess I should stay away from Cold Stone on the other days. Hmmmm, nah, not gonna do it.

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