U.S. Cage Fighter Arrested After Ripping Out Beating Heart of Trainer

Jarrod Wyatt, a U.S. cage fighter, is charged with a horrific crime of removing the beating heart of his training partner Taylor Powell and ripping him apart. He insists that he snapped after drinking tea spiked with hallucinogenic mushrooms — causing him to believe that the partner was possessed by the devil.

The police found the 26-year-old standing naked over his friend’s body with body parts strewn around the room in Klamath, California. The trainer, 21, bled to death after the removal of his heart.

It is sometimes said that the best criminal defense is often found in the worst cases since insanity is more believable when the act is incomprehensible. This would certainly fulfill that criteria but Wyatt will have a difficult time with an insanity defense which has been made more difficult since the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan, (here and here).

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58 thoughts on “U.S. Cage Fighter Arrested After Ripping Out Beating Heart of Trainer

  1. And the winners victory dinner is the heart of the loser. Hail to the chief, Hail to the Chief. Bwanna win. . . . .

  2. what do you expect from cage fighting? It is just a street brawl with the only end being to beat the living stuff out of your opponent.

    They may as well give them weapons and return to the Coliseum of Rome. It is entertainment for pussies pure and simple.

  3. Byron,

    Its not just a street brawl. MMA is extremely technical and I have heard it is actually more safe than other violent sports like football or boxing.

    This guy is an insane asshole. But so are Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson.

  4. This guy retarded? Can he spell his own last name?

    I’ve done enough shrooms, never significantly lost my rationality or sense of reality however.. but I guess if you don’t have those at all to start from…

    Don’t blame the drugs for your funked-up mind, Sonny. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to put this sorry excuse for a human out of his misery. Let ‘m have that personal encounter with the devil for real this time.

  5. I’ve studied marital arts for years. What Byron says is correct. MMA is a blood sport, not a martial arts competition. Does it take technical skill? Yes it does. But so did being a Gladiator. The goal of marital arts is self-defense, not street fighting. They teach you some of those techniques for extreme life threatening circumstance, not to beat people to a pulp for entertainment purposes. A barbaric sport for barbaric people in what is becoming a barbaric society.

    Bread anyone? We’ve found the circus.

  6. So then boxing, football, hockey, nascar are all barbaric sports as well and their fans can be considered pussies?

    MMA is no more of a street fight than boxing is and is quite a bit more safe.

  7. Chris,

    So then boxing, football, hockey, nascar are all barbaric sports as well and their fans can be considered pussies?

    Not at all, look at Mickey Roark. Boxing did him a world of wonders. Hockey, not in my book, the players are even too psychotic for the marines. nascar, Come on, that started out as moon shiner trying to out run the revenuers. White-lighting, Jet Fuel can make a car go faster and faster….. No Lead…..

  8. Chris,

    Spoken like a man who’s never been in either a dojo or a street fight.

    And NASCAR fans aren’t barbarians. They’re the same kind of people who think watching a dog chase its tail is the height of entertainment. Or staring at the sun. Which puts them in the same class as golfers: people playing fetch without a dog and paying a lot of money to do so.

  9. Chris:

    the object is not to beat the bejeebers out of someone with those sports. Just give them [cage fighters] swords or clubs and really do what the crowd that watches that crap wants – blood and death. It may be technical but it is not a sport, it is a low level gladiatorial combat. I think the Romans started out that way and look where they ended up.

    And obviously it is the right of the “contestants” to enter into a contract that allows them to beat and be beaten. They probably already have “underground” snuff fights. The entire thing is a spectacle that should not be condoned. I have my opinion as to why these things are even popular but that is a long essay.

    I know not all people who watch that stuff are pussies but I bet a good many are.

  10. A bunch of people who attend races and enjoy watching 200 mph car accidents? There have been more deaths in NASCAR than in sanctioned MMA fights.

    MMA is not the same as it was in the early 90’s when their were no rules and no weight classes. It is no different than a boxing, wrestling and martial arts.

    And as far as my fighting experience goes Ive had my fair share. While Ive never been in a dojo I do have quite a bit of training in MMA that I received in Marine Corps.

  11. The object of boxing is to beat the crap out of your opponent and it is much less safe than MMA. Look at Helio Gracie and then Muhammad Ali and tell me who looks like they had the crap beat out of them.

    MMA fighters are mostly former college wrestlers and brazilian jui-jitsu professionals. Joe Blow doesn’t just show up with 50 street fights and then step in the ring.

  12. Ouch!

    I must agree with Jericho – In my youth, my sister and I experimented with mushrooms. The worst thing that happened to us was that we laughed so much, it inhibited our ability to walk, so we just sat and laughed for a few hours. This guy is just a psycho.

  13. Chris,

    That’s your problem right there then. Marines are trained to kill, not for self-defense. While the skill sets overlap, they are not the same thing. One studies traditional martial arts in the hope of never having to use it. “The best way to avoid trouble is not to be there when it starts.” – Morihei Ueshiba (referred to as Ōsensei or “Great Teacher”). If you don’t recognize the name, he’s the founder of Aikido. Or try this one on for size. “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” – Sun Tzu.

    True MA teaches that killing an opponent is the last resort, not the primary goal. Not killing your opponent is the only thing that separates MMA from gladiatorial combat.

  14. The last time I did shrooms I was clocked going 10 MPH in a 70 MPH zone. It is not for the weak at heart. I was told to go home it was after all in between shift changes.

  15. Let’s recap: he and his friends got together, BOIL PSYCHEDELIC MUSHROOMS IN A POT ON THE STOVE, and then he cuts his friend’s heart and eyes out and starts BOILING THEM IN A POT IN THE STOVE. This seems perfectly logical to me. I don’t see how he is going to get off on an insanity defense.

  16. Buddha

    Nobody is trying to kill anyone. More people have died in boxing matches than in sanctioned MMA fights. Many of the fighters in MMA a have been highly respected martial artists.

    So you think wrestling and boxing are barbaric as well?

  17. Buddha,

    There are many rules in sanctioned MMA fights. Its not a no holds bar fight to the death. In that manner it is no different from any sport that is violent.

  18. Wrestling, no. Objective: control of your opponent. Much like Judo.

    Boxing, yes. Objective: to inflict a concussion hard enough to render someone unconscious or fight until one person is otherwise incapable.

    By the way, it’s only your assumption that someone is not trying to kill another. Just as there are those who would approach it as a game, there are those who approach it from the sadistic desire to harm others. As to number of deaths, as a statistical matter, boxing has been around much longer than MMA ergo it has a larger sample space to draw from in re raw number of deaths. But deaths (since killing your opponent in an MMA is forbidden by law in contractual relations and for criminal purposes) are not the right statistic to measure the barbarity of MMA. The proper statistic to look at would be life-altering injuries sustained. Dollars to donuts there are a lot more serious injuries for MMA fighters just as there are more serious injuries for linemen in football. Guys who went into MMA thinking they were badasses and ended up needing a walker or a knee replacement. The human body can only absorb X amount of damage before something permanently breaks.

  19. Knockout rates are lower in MMA and in boxing but I suppose if you think they are both barbaric then I’m wasting my breath.

    If we are measuring barbarity by life altering injuries then football would be much more barbaric than MMA.

    I understand that it is violent, but I just don’t think it is any worse than boxing or football. Even in football people are trying to inflict harm on each other, or else Ronnie Lott wouldn’t have had a job and the hit on Anquain Boldin two years ago was worse than anything Ive ever seen in an MMA fight.


  20. “Knockout rates are lower in MMA and in boxing but I suppose if you think they are both barbaric then I’m wasting my breath.”

    That would be a correct assessment. You can add football to that list too.

  21. To a lay person he certainly looks insane, but he may not actually have a case if his state has forbidden voluntary intoxication as a defense.

  22. Buddha, I’ve been in the dojo for many years and in a few fights. I believe with all my heart that violence is never a solution to a disagreement and should only be used in self-defense. That said, MMA is my favorite sport. At the end of many fights, which more usually end with grappling submissions and judges’ decisions than knock-outs, the fighters embrace and show more respect towards each other.

    There’s nothing wrong with not liking it, but again, there’s no reason to judge the people who do.

  23. LJM,

    I said the sport was barbaric, not the fans (necessarily, although many of them I’ve met are). “A barbaric sport for barbaric people in what is becoming a barbaric society.” You have taken a generic assertion as a specific assertion. Just because some fans aren’t barbarians doesn’t mean none of them are. That’s the fallacy of distribution. As a blood sport it appeals to the basest instincts and most non-trained fans aren’t usually there for the technical displays. They are there for the same reason NASCAR fans are there.

    To see someone get hurt.

    Now contrast this to any traditional MA tournament you’ve ever been in or seen. The goals there are technical victory, not just pummeling someone into submission.

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  25. I admit to liking MMA. It takes courage, strength, stamina, and skill. I do not know much about the sport and only became aware of it last year.
    Shane Carwin (11 wins 0 losses) a humble, working mechanical engineer and apparent gentleman, dispels the myth that most MMA fighters are Neanderthal knuckle draggers.

    And who could not love the fighting lady, Gina Carano…

  26. LJM:

    “It is entertainment for pussies pure and simple.

    Spoken like a true keyboard warrior.”

    No, I changed that to many are pussies. And I am not talking about the fighters but the people who watch this stuff. The Walter Mitty types who achieve a vicarious pleasure watching others do something they would never do in their wildest dreams.

  27. Gingerbaker
    1, June 1, 2010 at 9:29 am
    Forget about the violent murder. This guy should be in Federal prison for his haircut

    YES! Someone had to say it.

  28. A 26 year old doing something like this makes me wonder about young-adult onset schizophrenia. Many people with schizophrenia self-medicate with drugs in an attempt to “manage” the mental illness. What, other than schizophrenia, could explain that haircut?

  29. To be fair to the lady MMA fighters regarding equal time, here is the weigh-in of Ms. Gina Carano & Ms. Cyborg.

    Perhaps some guys here ‘might’ reconsider the merits of MMA fighting…

  30. I saw this story and thought it was like promotion for a movie or something…wow…you got to be insane I would think to actually do this…

  31. Most people who go to violent or risky games go with the idea of seeing blood and gore. Bullfighting, hockey, cage fighting, car racing, boxing,football, These are the same kind of people who love to watch public executions. There not pussy’s, they are sadistic, cruel, barbaric people.

  32. Buddha,

    Let me chime in as someone who has trained in both ‘traditional’ martial arts and MMA. The skill set required for mma is crazy. I trained Kung fu and fought in San Shou at national and international competitions, held titles in both. After a change in careers I had to change gyms, the only one that worked for my hours was an mma facility. At Kung fu I trained 5-6 days a week and put in 5 hours every Saturday sparring and working cardio, even with this I nearly puked in my training session of mma.
    I spent 6 months training muay Thai before moving into bjj, the techniques are just as, if not more intensive than in Kung fu. While it may not appear as refined or as artistic it is a true martial art. Don’t kid yourself, martial arts are not just self defense – they are a training method to try to make sure you’re a better fighter than the next guy. Whether it be judo, karate, muay Thai, jui jitsu, Kali Silat, capoeira or any other form of fighting – its still fighting, it’s violent and sometimes bloody.
    Just because you dislike the forum, don’t discount these athletes, they train hard, fight hard and 90% of the time they hug and shake hands afterward – just like any tournament or competition.

  33. So, I have taken the time to read most of the comments here and I find it disgusting that not one word has been said about the victim and the grief and sorrow of friends & family left behind. Humanity is no longer human.

  34. you know what this guy will probably not be found guilty due to insanity, same with the mom that killed and ate her 3 week old kid. If it was up to me they would all be shot to death in front of the whole world, I’m so tired of these sick ass people getting off because they claim their crazy. We’re all freaking crazy, but were not tearing people apart. These people just get off by doing this crap.

  35. why are we arguing about whether extreme fighting, cage fighting whatever is wrong or not? shouldn’t we be arguing the theoretical posibility that this guy fried his freaking brains out on something he claims is shrooms but might have been ANYTHING, including PCP or something hideous like that! Anyway, I saw a guy throw a chick threw a glass table while he was on a combo of pcp and shrooms cause she insulted his shoes….wonder what the stupid trainer said????
    NOT saying it’s the trainers fault…but really, why would you give somebody that you KNOW can whoop that butt a gut full of mind-altering chemicals?
    AND just so you know, boiling them makes the effects of shrooms stronger. just eating them will make you *giggle til you fall down*. drinking the tea can actually KILL you because it’s toxicity is higher.

  36. This is a story I didn’t believe until I clicked onto the actual article about the case, in California. I didn’t bother to look up “cage fighting” and already knew what “MMA” was because of the George Zimmerman threads where one witness (who has already apparently backed off from his or her original extravagant testimony) claims that Martin was delivering punches “MMA style” to the prone and overpowered Zimmerman. Anyway, I figured out from what was printed that this Wyatt guy (the “suspect”) murdered someone by means that will just plain HAVE to find its way onto “Criminal Minds” and/or “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” before too long. And that’s so ironic. Combat that is engaged in for entertainment then turns very non-entertaining, which then becomes entertainment.

    Where are we as a culture?

    OMG, we are caught in a continuous loop. What we want to enjoy turns horrible and hideous; we want to not know about it while at the same we are fascinated and excited in some almost unmentionable (clearly undefinable) way; we want to not figure out what it really says about us because that’s too damn scary and I REALLY MEAN THAT; and we then complete the circle when we want to enjoy it.

    No matter where Wyatt ends up for the rest of his life, he will probably have no human understanding of what he has done to everyone who has ever found out about what he did to the victim.

    I wish I knew how the police were alerted to come to the crime scene, and if there had been any priors on this guy’s record. Mind-boggling.

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