Report: Cocaine Users Experiencing Flesh Rot

Just in case stroke, high blood pressure, and addiction were not enough for cocaine users, doctors are now warning that some cocaine is causing rotting flesh. That hardly fits with the perception of coke as the glamorous drug of the partying set.

Dr. Ghinwa Dumyati, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Rochester and an epidemiologist for the Monroe County Health Department in New York, has published a report of female cocaine users experiencing the flesh rot. They suspect a link to levamisole — a veterinary anti-worming agent used in cattle, sheep and pigs. While once used for humans, it is now barred for such use in the United States. However, it is used to cut cocaine.

In addition to this latest complication, there remains the danger of having your home invaded by dozens of assassins with automatic weapons and having your sister try to kill you in your office:

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16 thoughts on “Report: Cocaine Users Experiencing Flesh Rot”

  1. Cocaine is the most idiotic drug there is. But there still should be an end to drug prohibition, because if the idea in discouraging drug use is to help people, there should not be the mentality that ‘if people use drugs, they deserve to have their flesh rot”. With prohibition the only ones monitoring things are the various mafias and drug cartels. People who experiment with drugs do not always continue using them for the rest of their lives. It’s not like ending prohibition will cost money – it would save a great deal of it.

    Fortunately, cocaine is not popular at all anymore at least in the drug scene in the city where I am from, with people having grown weary of the drug’s high price and short duration of effect, as well as the general lame mentality surrounding it.

  2. Puzzling:

    the Internet is on the short list with this administration.

  3. … another consequence of the war on drugs, just like methyl alcohol poisoning was common during Prohibition.

    Or is there more to this?

    During Prohibition the government deliberately poisoned bootleg alcohol to try to discourage people from drinking it. Of course, at that time they did not have bloggers to help spread the word:

  4. When a person uses such a drug…what do they expect to happen?

    It’s like the idiots who came up with meth, who thought to mix such things together? Did someone actually think hey maybe if I mix this battery acid, paint thinner, Benzene, Toulene, along with these other items from my garage shelf while taking my cold meds, I’ll feel better!

  5. When your feeling is gone and you want a ride on cocaine

    Don’t forget this fact you can’t get it back …

  6. That is funny. But then it becomes you don’t have enough money….

  7. Cocaine is God’s way of telling you you have too much money.

  8. People that are addicted to drugs will never use precaution when they are needing or anticipating the high from their available stash, nor will this warning lessen the demand. I don’t know any way to instill responsibility in a cocaine user other than effective treatment.

    Unfortunately, many of the public will believe that they deserve the consequences of non-pharmecutical grade cocaine…It is another item to add to the Truth About Drugs Prevention lectures.

  9. Of course, none of this would be a problem if coke was regulated and sold legally. It used to be common for food to be adulterated with various substances. Nowadays adulterated food is so rare that it’s international news when it’s found.

  10. Have you ever seen what coke will do to the nose? Makes you look like a Pug, it will destroy the cartilage and cause one hell of an unstoppable nose bleed.

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