Oregon Man Accused of Releasing Doberman to Kill Rabbit in Front of Horrified Children in City Park

Oregon parents are saying that Luke Kishpaugh, 33, of Salem (Oregon) is someone you do not want around your kids, your parks, your pets . . . well, you just don’t want him around. Kishpaugh was in a city park when he saw children watching a rabbit play in the grass. Kishpaugh reportedly smirked and released his Doberman Pinscher to catch and kill the rabbit — in front of the terrified children.

Witnesses reported to police that Kishpaugh not only laughed as the dog tossed the rabbit around (killing it), but praised his dog. He also allegedly taunted a 3-year-old child in the parking lot.

We have seen recent cases of cruelty against animals and the relatively low charges that result. Kishpaugh is charged with aggravated animal abuse in this case and barred from going into the parks.

Putting aside any leash laws, the case likely turns on his release of the dog with the intention of killing the rabbit. Presumably, a dog owner is not liable when a dog kills a bird or rabbit without such encouragement of its owner (once again, assuming that dogs can be unleashed in the park). That could make the testimony of witnesses key in this case and offer Kishpaugh a defense.

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24 thoughts on “Oregon Man Accused of Releasing Doberman to Kill Rabbit in Front of Horrified Children in City Park”

  1. I actually have met The Accused at the same park a few weeks ago. He told me that he liked to have his “Dobe” as he liked to call him, catch rabbits and squirrels and then bring them to the playground and they would both start tearing them apart with their teeth and make howling sounds. He said that he thought that he was a vampire and that he has been in contact with the vampire Lestat and Edward Cullin from the other vampire movie. he said that they had both bit him but he could not tell me where because I am only five… The other day I was passing the park with my homies and I saw him running through the park naked and trying to catch deer. He had a big z on his chest so I think he thought he was a Zaro type vampire…

  2. The child can suffer from emotional or psychological stress. This two are included on abuse. When you harm someone, especially for a child, you can be liable to face allegations of Child abuse.

  3. I wish I was good with computers Joe, so I will have to leave it to someone else to post the “Bunny-Vac” clip from Wallace and Gromits “Curse of the Were-Rabbit”.

  4. They used myxamatosis in Australia too, where they have even more rabbits than cane toads. But the seattle rabbits disappeared overnight with no evidence left behind. They must have scooped them up with butterfly nets or something.

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