Problem Solved: Democratic Members Told To Avoid Town Halls and Open Events With Constituents

With anger bubbling over with Congress and White House across the political spectrum, the House Democratic leadership have found an answer: stop holding town hall meetings and unscripted events. As reported by the New York Times, Democratic members are avoiding encounters with constituents in such meetings and relying on invitation-only events.

By keeping constituents from simply walking into meetings, Democrats hope to avoid anger scenes on YouTube.

In the meantime, members are trying to avoid new big spending projects before the election as worldwide alarm grows over their runaway spending. It is a bit late with debt now scheduled to overcome Gross Domestic Product in 2012.

President Obama also appears to be losing core liberal support after his adoption of Bush policies on offshore drilling, faith-based initiatives, barring the investigation of the Bush torture program, asserting the right to order the killing of US citizens believed to be working with terrorists, killing privacy lawsuits against telecommunication companies and other controversies. The fact is that members are hearing hostility from people other than tea party members in these meetings. Congress is facing all-time lows in the polls with developing environmental and economic disasters.

It now appears that Democratic members are working on developing campaign without constituents — or at least one’s with unpredictable questions.

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45 thoughts on “Problem Solved: Democratic Members Told To Avoid Town Halls and Open Events With Constituents”

  1. Lottakatz,

    A voter lawsuit has been filed … I guess this same county did much the same thing in 2008 over a bond issue but then they let only one poll open. Absurd actions in a democracy.

    If Halter wins and if he can mount the same kind of campaign against Boozman as he used against Lincoln … he stands a chance … a small chance.

    I just read that this seat has been held by democrats for 131 years.

  2. Blouise : “I wonder if Arkansas’ Garland County Election Commission Chairman Charles Tapp is the right man for the job.

    In order to save money, he has closed all but 2 of the 41 polling places there. One is in downtown Hot Springs, the other in a gated retirement village. Halter received 5,425 votes to Lincoln’s 4,951 in that county.”

    That’s such a transparent example of vote rigging I don’t even know how that can be considered legal. Mr. Tapp should be in jail IMO. I hope the Halter campaign files a complaint against him just on principle. I say ‘just on principle’ brcause it looks like Halter will win anyway. Tapp is an unethical tool.

  3. The sign said “health care now” and I don’t know who the man was who ripped it up. I left my seat for a few minutes and when I came back someone had taken my seat and ripped my sign.

  4. SM

    I’m curious. What did your sign say, and who ripped it up? If you don’t mind saying.

  5. Swarthmore mom,

    I just read the link you posted and then did a search for additional articles. These hard-righters are quite scary.

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