Wedding Flasher: South Carolina Man Ruins Wedding By Repeatedly Exposing Himself

Things were not-so-pleasant in a wedding in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina this week when Downing Deese, 26, pulled up in a boat with friends on Shem Creek. Deese says that he was “inspired” by the wedding to repeatedly expose himself during both the ceremony and reception.

Witnesses say that Deese ignored the calls from friends to stop the conduct.

This must have been a horrific moment for the couple which had one of the most cherished moments of their lives ruined by a complete idiot. This would be an excellent case for a charge of intentional infliction of emotional distress against Deese.

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Kudos: Fred Newman

10 thoughts on “Wedding Flasher: South Carolina Man Ruins Wedding By Repeatedly Exposing Himself”

  1. It could be a obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    Or he could have mega alimony problems.

    Did the wedding photogapher get a good picture?

  2. I think you could sue him for intentional infliction of emotional distress given his shocking to the conscience conduct, but unfortunately, this doofus probably doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

  3. Deese said the mere fact there was a wedding going on gave him the motivation to expose himself.

    I wonder if he’ll marry and what hís wedding will be like.. Go karma

  4. Big Fella,

    You might be giving asses a bad name. 😉

    They at least have the utility of keeping your pelvis off the chair.

  5. Oh, good. Another moron proves his brain is housed in his ass. I’d love to write his resume for him.

  6. Is this not what they do in SC? Just asking. They have river’s or lake there? Come on since when….

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