Subway Fires Woman Who Gave Her Free Sandwich to Two Homeless Neighbors After Apartment Fire

A Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Subway restaurant has fired a woman because she gave two homeless neighbors something to eat after an apartment fire. Heidi Heise was entitled to the free food for herself, but failed to record it so she was fired for giving away free food.

It appears that managers sit and watch entire days of video to see if employees give free food. Heise was entitled to one free 12-inch sandwich a day — so she gave her homeless neighbors two 6-inch sandwiches. She simply forgot to mark it down and that was enough for Subway.

I hope the value of a 12-inch sandwich to Subway is worth the international press and condemnations. While this is probably an independent franchise owner, this would seem a case where Subway would be calling the franchise owner with literature on how to open up a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

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9 thoughts on “Subway Fires Woman Who Gave Her Free Sandwich to Two Homeless Neighbors After Apartment Fire”

  1. What an idiot.

    Give the woman a bonus and start a relationship with a local food pantry, church, or something like that.

    Good PR. Good-ness period.

  2. AY:

    and now the Col. has the grilled as well. Nothing better than KFC original recipe with coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

    As you say, now I can with a good conscience be heart hating. Hopefully they use a healthy oil.

  3. Hey now, as a person that has not yet met a bad piece of Fried Chicken and owner of YUM Stock, I resent that. Offer me a piece of KFC Chicken or a Subway Sub. No choice. KFC wins every time.

    I’ll just use this as another reason not to eat at subway….

  4. Subway. Heart healthy sandwiches. Hard hearted that is. And perhaps not so healthy according to the link above.

    It also just goes to show you that some people shouldn’t be given even the illusion of power over others.

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