China Lifts Ban on the Bald

China has apparently rescinded a visa restriction on bald Taiwanese visitors. Officials in Xiamen imposed a rule barring entry permits to bald people out of concern that they could more easily disguise themselves.

The following words are either from Chinese customs forms or Heather Marston The Bald Song:

Well, look who’s bald!
Ya got no hair!
You’re terribly bald!
I do declare!
Bald! Bald! You’re very bald!
Hair! Hair! It just ain’t there!
Yeah, look who’s bald!
I think it’s you!
Don’tcha wish ya had hair?!
I bet ya do!
But ya got no hair!
No hair at all!
Look at you fellers!
You’re terribly bald!

This will make it unnecessary for the hair challenged to march upon Beijing. It would also allow Buddha to enter China as well as celebrities ranging from Patrick Stewart to Sinead O’Connor.

If nothing else, this was a learning experience. After all, an ancient Chinese proverb states “experience is a comb which nature gives us when we are bald.”

3 thoughts on “China Lifts Ban on the Bald”

  1. Buddha,


    I dated a Korean female in college and she told me that true Asia’s have distinct characteristics. The Koreans have High Cheek bones. I suppose she would know.

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