New York Couple Arrested in Fake Kidnapping

In New York, Stephanie Benatatos, 21, and Zifiris (John) Valsamis, 24, have been arrested in an effort to fake their own kidnapping to get money from Benatatos parents. What is striking is the ransom amount: $400.

A caller told the parents that the couple had been kidnapped to settle a drug debt by two armed men in a black S.U.V.. The police did not buy it — particularly after Valsamis showed up and said that he had been released. He finally admitted that it was a scheme.

They are now charged with attempted grand larceny and conspiracy. Benatatos was charged with an additional count of second-degree burglary — due to an earlier attempt to steal cash from her mother’s home.

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8 thoughts on “New York Couple Arrested in Fake Kidnapping”

  1. On the positive side, however, this couple can travel in virtually any country in the world without worrying about kidnapping-for-profit groups.

  2. What is more striking than the paltry amount of the ransom demand is that the parents were apparently still unwilling to pay it.

  3. Pretty dopey. I am most amazed by their mugshots. Not typical and reminiscent of some Dutch or Italian or German portraits from a few hundred years ago.

  4. At this point, it appears that 400 dollars was an over confident request.

  5. Entitlement. Next “W” will do the same thing. I am surprised he has not already done it.

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