Video: Police Officer Punches Woman in Face After Stop Over Jaywalking

Seattle recently addressed a controversy of police stomping on a man. Tensions have reignited in Seattle after the posting of this video showing a police officer punching a 17-year-old woman in the face after stopping people for jaywalking. Two very different views of the video have emerged. You be your own judge.

The incident began when the officer spotted a man jaywalking in the 3100 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way and then saw four young women jaywalk and called them over to the cruiser. It quickly escalated. The police insist that the women were being “verbally antagonistic toward the officer” and that one woman physically resisted efforts to bring her back to the cruiser — sparking the physical confrontation.

Seattle police are reviewing the matter.

39 thoughts on “Video: Police Officer Punches Woman in Face After Stop Over Jaywalking”

  1. Ooh my god.Young kids jaywalking, annoyingly riding thier skate boards ect. TThis is intorable Don’t worry we have hero cops sanctio0ned by the state to bbe violent to assault a 15 year old girl, cause a public disturbance, fan rracial hatred and ruin someones life with a criminal record. Even thougth the sstate is broke we should hire more of these guys, and pay them more. Its ssurly worth it, I think that girl will think twice before she ever jaywalks again.Oh another great benefit is that if our hero cops write enough petty ttickets of all kinds the state will have enough money to take care of their ccronies. Lets all honor, respect. suppoet, and thank god for our heros in bblue.What kind of a world would it be without them.

  2. But does that justify a punch in the face? The officer may have been justified in arresting her, but do you agree that every time you are being a jackass it deserves to be met with a closed fist in the face?

  3. Does anyone see the way she was acting????you dont use that language over and over and over again TO THE POLICE. Im glad i wasnt that officer and they were talking to me like that

  4. The one and only . . . what? Racist jackass? It’s a funny thing about racist knuckle dragging morons. They get what’s coming to them too. Respect is earned, not due. This simple rule applies to everyone not trained to be a bootlicking toad. Because disrespect is earned too. Black, white, plaid, YOUR skin color is irrelevant because racists don’t deserve respect. Just like cops who act this way don’t deserve respect either.

    Act like a douche bag, get treated like one, badge or not.

  5. Negros got what was comming to them, respect the law and it will respect you, negros have no respect for themselves or anyone else, they are animals and must be treated as such, so quit your bitching!

  6. My people of many colors are just misunderstood. As my brother Jessie has said of the Rainbow Coalition, forgive them for their ignorance. I am talking about the Police Thugs.

    This young girl did not deserve to be punched in the face. If he wants to treat his family like that, so be it.

  7. The cop was wrong to have slugged the woman in the face. This was a totally inappropriate use of force. He could have just slapped handcuffs on her, which he apparently ultimately did.

    Of course the female jaywalkers need a few lessons on how to interact with the Law. He was being egged on but it was his duty to repress his instincts to cold cock the woman.

    I an usually very pro-cop and willing to give them every benefit of the doubt, but this to me is a clear case of inappropriate use of force.

  8. I am going to defend the cop this time…after reading about the people who have been hit and sometimes killed because of jaywalking especially in the area where this took place, I know why the cop was detailed there…so he was doing his job…and yeah jaywalking seems like an almost laughable offense…but when A cop stops you for breaking the law and you don’t show respect and then you and your cousin both start shoving him and telling him to fuck off…guess what, your gonna get punched in the face…I noticed after watching the tape the girl who got smacked was not interfering with the officer anymore after that….she did not get the ass whooping that some might have gotten…he did not taze anyone or beat them with a nightstick or pepper spray them…I would say he actually showed remarkable restraint…You NEVER EVER shove or push a cop…street rule number one….The parents of these girls could probably sit them down and give em a little lesson in basic respect…

  9. If she had been calm, let him write the ticket none of that would have happened.

    Of course, a ticket for jaywalking there? Did you see the surrounding area? You gotta be kidding me.

    Cop on a power trip, angry woman, bad combination. Bound to happen.

  10. If they don’t respect the uniform enough not to push a cop, my thinking is they’re probably not going to wait at a traffic light to cross the street.

    The cop is the real moron here, not having his priorities straight. If harassing jaywalkers is the best you can do, maybe you should leave the force.

    In economics they teach you that a cop should reduce crime by a value no less than his pay, or he is just not worth it. I really doubt if this one is not expendable.

    I’m reminded of George Carlin: yeah they’re against street crime, unless that street is Wall Street. They want to break down on street crime so they can make life safer for the business criminals.

    How about this clown of a cop gets to business and starts saving the people (which pay him by the way) some effin money instead of wasting their time?!

    /end rant

  11. This is one more example of a police force that is out of control. Since when do policemen waste their time going after people for jaywalking? The woman in the pink didn’t strike the officer, she pushed him away from her friend who he was wrestling with. Should she have pushed the officer, NO. But, he had no reason to punch her in the face and he should be stripped of his badge and put out in the street. This is one guy that I would not want a gun in his holster when things get a little testy.

  12. very soon at one of these confrontations the officer will order everyone back and no one will.

    the question is where not when

    you cannot continue to think of citizens as subjects who get in the way of police duties.

  13. It shows no respect for the community he is supposed to be protecting.

    I am quite sure had the parent or parents of the teen who was punched had shown up this would have been a disaster for all partys concerned.

  14. John,

    Do you take your wife or girlfriend “in hand” when she crosses you? Sheesh! Your sexism is grating.

    This cop should never of punched anyone. It was an emotional overreaction….from someone out of control. Another criminal with a badge.

  15. The officer is expected / required to maintain control of the situation. The girl who got punched in the face had already assaulted the cop once and was apparently returning to do so again. The punch ended that.
    Pretty predictable. Nobody should be surprised, especially the girl who got punched unless she was used to getting away with things because she is a girl. Notice none of the guys seemed to think they should try what she did and one was smart enough to drag her away.

  16. I am sorry to see so many ppl siding with the cop. Hitting that woman in the face with his closed fist is against all police procedure. In addition, this cop should be fired for his ineptness in subduing the other woman, who looks like she weighs about 130 lbs.

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