Text M for Murder: Judge Killed By Husband Who Then Texts Son With News Before Killing Himself

In Rowlett, Texas, Juvenile Judge Belinda Loveland, 52, was shot and killed by her husband Richard Loveland, 59. Richard then texted his son, a doctor in Galveston, with the message “I think I just killed your mother.” According to police, he then shot himself.

Dr. Dustin Loveland received a message around 5 p.m: “I don’t know how to tell you this,” the message said, “but I think I just killed your mother.” He called the police immediately.

Judge Loveland was much loved and respected. She founded Camp ROCK, a mentoring program for junior high students. Kids were waiting for Loveland to arrive at Bowl-a-Rama Monday when the news came out that she had been murdered by her husband in a murder-suicide.

One can hardly imagine the feelings and pain of Dr. Loveland in not just losing one’s parents on the same day but to do so in a murder-suicide.

Source: Dallas Morning News.

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  1. But in the same breath how would you feel if your son is involved in a deadly shoot out with the police and you happen to be the Chief of Police for the Dallas PD on fathers day none the less.

    DALLAS, TX (KERA) – Investigators identify the son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown as the “shooter” in Sunday’s gun battle at a Lancaster apartment complex that left three people dead. KERA’s BJ Austin reports.

    Lancaster Officer Craig Shaw was responding to a call of shots fired at the River Bend Apartments on Pleasant Run when he encountered the 27 year old son of the Dallas Police Chief, reportedly armed with a rifle and preparing to drive out of the complex. Sheriff Lupe Valdez says shots were exchanged. Both men were killed.


  2. This is happening in my area of the woods,and as with the judge you have to ask your self, why?

    “DENVILLE — The Denville man identified as “a person of interest” in the slaying of his ex-wife over the weekend was described by the woman in divorce papers as a controlling, verbally abusive man who made her fear for her safety.

    Authorities have been searching for 63-year-old Anthony Novellino since the body of his ex-wife, Judith Novellino, was found with more than 80 stab wounds Saturday night in the house the couple had shared for decades in a leafy neighborhood overlooking Denville’s Indian Lake.”


  3. Dr. Loveland,

    Condolences hardly seem enough. Although words from a stranger are hardly adequate to assuage the pain you must be feeling at this time, I would like to offer this as it may help on what must surely be an emotional roller-coaster for you and your family.

    Time is short and life can be capricious and cruel, but do not let anger bloom from this senseless tragedy. Do not let “why” fuel that discord. Remember the love and the best moments and seek to create that same feeling in your life everyday with those around you and especially with those offering their support in this difficult time. The path may be rough and purchase hard to find sometimes, but you still get to pick the destination. By choosing to continue on the path of compassion, although it may be trying, you will honor your mother and her good works and find peace for yourself at the end of this travail.

    Please take these anonymous words from a faceless blogger as a sincere expression of sorrow for your loss.


    An only child

  4. Stay out of juvenile court in Texas! Crazy story. That Son is going to need some help through this kind of tragedy.

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