Do You Recognize These People?

The Los Angeles Police Department has taken the unusual step of releasing this video to ask citizens to identify some of the individuals who went on a rampage after the recent victory of the Lakers over the Celtics.

It took only 30 minutes for the rampage to begin – demonstrating that some people were simply waiting for an excuse to engage in wanton destruction.

The cab driver fled before the taxi was set ablaze.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Los Angeles Police Department or the Los Angeles Fire Department. The LAFD Arson/Counter-Terrorism Section number is (213) 485-6095.

For the full story,click here.

40 thoughts on “Do You Recognize These People?”

  1. Ah Buddha,

    He has to be here. It is imagination that is delusional…..

  2. How about you run your blog and let the Prof run his. If you don’t like it here? Troll elsewhere. You are under no compulsion to be here.

  3. glad it wasn’t my taxi….bunch of idiots…this is why the cops would just as soon kick your stupid ass…great celebration…wow

  4. In Theory I agree. But wrong answer, but then again, 2000 started the Butt Years.

  5. lol,

    No, it was in 1849 when Polk and Taylor switched office. March 4, 1849 fell on a Sunday. He refused to be sworn into office because of some thing about it being a Sunday.

    He was a Missouri Senators, named David Rice Atchison, who acted as President of the United States for a very short period of time because President Taylor declined to be sworn in on a Sunday because of his religious scruples. Since Senator Atchison, as President of the Senate, was next in line for the office, Atchison served as President until Taylor took the oath of office and he was the First U.S. President from Missouri, March 4, 1849, for a very short period of time.

  6. I was a witness to a lot of the anti-war protests that took place at the University of Wisconsin in the late 60’s, early ’70’s. 99% of the protestors were peaceful but there were a few (all men) who when they sensed enough chaos would just run amok destroying everything with baseball bats, pushing over telephone booths, breaking windows, etc. These people obviously wanted to get off destroying things and were using the riots as a cover. Some people would try to stop these guys, but they were threatened. Unfortunately, in the aftermath, everyone was blamed.

  7. Buddha, or anyone else,

    Has the US ever been without a president and vice president at the same time? Ponder this one?

  8. Blouise,

    Now, now. Not til I went to college. I too had a VW Bus in high school. Traded it for a fast car and fast girls. Surprisingly, some parents opposed the daughter to go for a ride back then….

    SW mom,

    Austin too get desperately cold in the winter. I remember a pipe freezing which cause a flood one January, 1983 or 84. Not sure which.

    Buddha, or anyone else,

    Has the US ever been without a president and vice president at the same time? Ponder this one?

  9. Blouise

    I could have used a Sunday dinner back then. Ships that pass in the night.

  10. Buckeye


    You were drinking beer, went to Acupulco, and had a new Riviera in high school? I never had a drink till I was 21, longest trip was from southern Ohio to Youth camp on Lake Erie, and never had a new car till I was married with 2 kids. Geez, I’ve been slower than even I thought!


    I’ve been to Cleveland.

    Ah Buckeye,

    My first car was a used VW bug and my first drink was at age 21 but I was fortunate to have been to all the lower 48 by the time I graduated hi-school. AY sounds like he might have been one of those boys my mom warned me about; where as you would have been invited for Sunday dinner.

    As to Cleveland … there are some really great jazz clubs here, all tucked away down dark little alleys and open till 4am. Illegal as hell but music almost as good as New Orleans (Nawlins or Nyoo Ahhlyins or whatever)

  11. BIL

    Apparently Faegre & Benson have 500 lawyers in 6 offices.

    Perhaps the over crowding caused one of the 500 to tip over the edge and produce the 12 page document in an effort to maintain his/her sanity. Either that or they spend too much time at thinkgeek’s website and have a wicked sense of humor.

    F & B’s headquarters are in Minneapolis, MN. Minnesota – the cradle of such congrespersons as Michele Bachmann and Al Franken. Could that explain it? Thanks for the site’s mention.

  12. I know sw mom, it looks great. It is 1 of 4 that are on the Atlantic nicely nestled by the straits. Boston, New York etc is only 2 hours away. It looks very appealing, I don’t mind snow but I am unsure if I would like the North Wind come February.

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