10 thoughts on “Can Your Dog Do This?”

  1. I don’t think that was an “official” agility run. At the ends of the ramps and tetter-totter are those “red zones.” I think that in competition, the dog has to plant all four paws in those zones, where this pup was jumping off before he got to them. I also wonder if he had practice with that exact course setup. In normal competitions, the series and arrangement of the obstacles is changed from event to event so that there is an element of interaction between the dog and the handler – the dog needs to be directed to the next obstacle. This pup seems to have the course wired and needed no indication as to where to go next.

    Nonetheless – FAST! (and I have a Whippet, so I’ve seen fast dogs!)

  2. i showed the clip to my dog Sunny. he said he could do that if he wasn’t fixed. 8 years and he still hasn’t forgiven me.

  3. The puppy is my daughter’s but she sleeps in and I get up at 6 a.m. with it.

  4. Something uplifting. Thanks for this.

    (Swarthmore mom: Good luck with your new, frisky pup. Cute comment.)

  5. That is indeed a happy critter.

    And I’d also like to add that belly rubs aren’t just for dogs.

  6. I think our new puppy has already run this route this morning but without the props. The older dog is not appreciating it.

  7. Heck, I could not even want to try that, give me the executive work out any day of the week. The trainer was way too active….

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