Feline Fireworks

Ever wondered how cats celebrated the Fourth without fireworks?

Unfortunately, yesterday before our Fourth of July party, Molly caught a live bird to celebrate Independence Day. I had to chase her around the yard with the bird flapping in her mouth. I finally got it out and it survived and took off.

5 thoughts on “Feline Fireworks”

  1. It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature, Prof, you should have just let Molly do what she does naturally. You could have been rewarded with a trophy from Molly when she was done with the bird, and that would solidified you position of high esteem in Molly’s mind. Instead, you have probably done irreparable damage to Molly’s self esteem as a cat and huntress, and will be saddled with years of therapy bills for Molly.

    On the other hand, speaking on behalf of that sweet little birdie, thanks for saving a life and enabling that bird to sing another day.

  2. Well cats will be cats. My housebound Himalayan somehow found a baby shrew which he killed and had to bring into my bedroom for me to appreciate. Same thing with the field mouse which I was able to rescue. When I was a kid we had a cat named Tigger who used to mouse all night and line up his catch in a perfect row on the driveway so my mother (the cat’s person) could appreciate his mouse aptitude before she went to work.

  3. Ah thought I saw a putty cat. I was caught in its trap. The owner of the cat, opened its trap and I was free to flap. Thank you professor for that.

    Is it strict liability, when an apparently domestic cat catches a wild bird? Who is injured?

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