Biden: We Are Winning . . . Now Everyone To the Bomb Shelter

Vice President Joe Biden was in Baghdad this week to praise the success of the U.S and Iraqi forces in the battle with the Taliban. His speech was delayed in part by the mortar attack on the U.S. embassy compound.

Dr. Jill Biden was with her husband for a visit designed to highlight progress in the war zone.

At least five mortar rounds fell in the Green Zone late Sunday — triggering two “duck and cover” alarms. Announcements blared: “Duck and cover. Get away from the window. Take cover and await further instructions.”

Biden had only shortly before proclaimed “The American people stand with you, stand united with you, at a time when a new Iraq has been born. Over the past several years, you’ve made extraordinary progress . . . we will stand with you — not telling you what to do, but stand with you in doing what you need help doing if you ask us.” However, for the moment, let’s all stand in the bomb shelter together and discuss our victory.

Source: Politico.

16 thoughts on “Biden: We Are Winning . . . Now Everyone To the Bomb Shelter”

  1. Former LEO:

    Biden only appears to be an imbecile. He is not. He is a long-time member of the Council on Foreign Relations. As such there is an agenda he sticks to.

    The CFR runs this country and there is generally always a member of the CFR in the White House-either the veep or the prez.

    When it is the veep, he is the baby sitter. Biden, Cheney, Bush 41 were all baby sitters. Clinton and Gerald Ford were CFR presidents.

    Their aim is the dissolution of the nation-state. The abolition of state sovereignty. And the establishment of a one world government.

    They MUST destroy our strength and power to do it. Corporate members include all major media outlets: NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, NY Times, etc. And to tie it all in a neat package, the CIA is a member org.

  2. The Ministry of Truth is saying the war is won, while the bombs keep exploding away right outside the building.

    It is bizarre to read these statements from the politicos and the military that everything is going swimmingly in Iraq, with a column right next to it in the same paper stating that 38 people have been blown up in a Baghdad market. How dumb to they think we are? Answer: pretty dumb.

  3. SW,

    Well there commander in chief started the whole or is that hole mess. A vote against it used to be a vote for terrorist. Just like a vote against funding police etc is a vote against safe streets and you are soft on crime or a vote against drunk drivers means ….. well you get the point. Its all how you frame the vote for the next election cycle.

  4. FFLEO There are a few good democrats. Thirty two house democrats voted against the war funding bill. Obama is increasingly having to rely on republican votes to fund the wars.

  5. Okay, like with Mr. Obama, I am now finished with Mr. Biden. I was a fool to think the Democrats were any different from the Republicans. What a gawd-awful disaster we have become.

  6. Biden is well-known for shooting his mouth off and embarrasing himself. Petraus would never have said “we are winning.” He says stuff like “we are in it to win” and “it is a battle of wills.” Different sentiments entirely.

  7. Mike Appleton: “You mean that the invasion of Iraq was merely the implementation of the energy policy Cheney and his task force formulated at their secret meetings early in 2001?”

    “This time Milo had gone too far. Bombing his own men and planes was more than even the most phlegmatic observer could stomach, and it looked like the end for him. High-ranking government officials poured in to investigate. Newspapers inveighed against Milo with glaring headlines, and Congressmen denounced the atrocity in stentorian wrath and clamored for punishment. Mothers with children in the service organized into military groups and demanded revenge. Not one voice was raised in his defense. Decent people everywhere were affronted, and Milo was all washed up until he opened his books to the public and disclosed the tremendous profit he had made. He could reimburse the government for all the people and property he had destroyed and still have enough money left over to continue buying Egyptian cotton. Everybody, of course, owned a share. And that sweetest part of the whole deal was that there really was no need to reimburse the government at all.

    “In a democracy, the government is the people,” Milo explained. “We’re people, aren’t we?” So we might just as well keep the money and eliminate the middleman. Frankly, I’d like to see the government get out of war altogether and leave the whole field to private industry. If we pay the government everything we owe it, we’ll only be encouraging governmental control and discouraging other individuals from bombing their own men and planes. We’ll be taking away their incentive.” ”

    -Joseph Heller, “Catch-22”

  8. Buddha, I am so dense sometimes! You mean that the invasion of Iraq was merely the implementation of the energy policy Cheney and his task force formulated at their secret meetings early in 2001? I finally get it. I guess that since vast mineral reserves have now been found in Afghanistan, it will be necessary for us to build that nation as well. Gosh, foreign policy is just a variation of Legos.

  9. But Mike! Who would have stolen the oil if we hadn’t attacked Sadaam! Think of the lost profits!

  10. If the elimination of a secular, if brutal, government which tolerated religious diversity and served as a useful restraint against Iranian ambitions, and its replacement with another Muslim theocracy awash in corruption and factionalism constitutes “winning,” I think I’d prefer a “loss,” thank you. I can hardly wait to see what eventually emerges as the definition of “winning” in Afghanistan.

  11. And the winning bid for the oil contracts will go to BP, KBR will drill and provide the fracturing process with transocean providing other services. RBS will provide the financing with subsidies loans from the US and North Korea……

    The about was meant in the sickest humor. Just leave North Korea out and you have the Gulf of Mexico….

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