Dentists Issue Warning Over Jaw Damage Caused By Supersized Burgers

It appears that ever-expanding hamburgers are outstripping our physical capabilities. Dentists in Taiwan have issued a warning that giant hamburgers are causing jaw damage from over-extension. It is a short-sighted move by dentists since these burgers are likely to push humans to new evolutionary breakthroughs by favoring people who can unhinge their jaws like snakes.

Dentists are reporting that some customers have problems opening their mouths due to temporomandibular dysfunction. While people can routinely open their mouths to eat a four centimeter object, some burgers now demand an eight centimeter bite or more.

For those with jaws to match their stomachs, England’s Jolly Fryer now makes the Super Scooby with four 1/4 pound beef burgers, eight pieces of bacon, eight slices of cheese, 12 onion rings, and three sauces. It stands 6 inches tall, has 2,645 calories. Below is the comparison with a Big Mac:

Warning graphic image: For those heading over to the Jolly Fryer, this is how snakes do it by unhinging their jaws.

Source: Orange News

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  1. I did eat a 2.5 pun hamburger once. It was double dang good. I see not problem with this. If the have a problem then maybe they should eat more sushi…..

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