Dangerous Liaisons

Since I am in Vancouver for a speech, I had to select this picture for our Sunday animal pic.

Vancouver is truly an amazing city and Leslie and I are having a ball. The hiking areas and whale watching areas are spectacular. People here are exceptionally nice and the food is awesome. If you have not visited this unique city, you really should do so. However, give yourselves at least a week to venture into the surrounding natural areas. We are going this morning for a hike up one of the mountains to work off some of the meals we have been putting away.

8 thoughts on “Dangerous Liaisons”

  1. Is it Grouse Mountain that you’re hiking up? Are you doing the “Grouse Grind”?

    If so, you’re a better person than I. I took the tram up. 🙂

  2. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It truly is God’s country. I’m glad you are enjoying your trip.

  3. Well it cannot be said that this is not an all porpose vehicle. It looks like a whale of a deal for the lil ole doggy…..

  4. Have fun Professor. That picture is amazing. I am not sure that Dog realizes what or who he is messing with!

  5. that dog has the cutest little tail I’ve ever seen….

    I hope he keeps it!

  6. Dog’s thoughts: “What is that?”

    Orca’s thoughts: “Why won’t that seal-thing get in the water?”

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