Bangladesh Police Accused of Murder of Man Who Could Not Pay Bribe

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released a disturbing account in its monitoring of abuses by police in that country. The AHRC alleges that Babul Kazi, a mechanic, was tortured to death after he was unable to pay bribes to the police. Babul was arrested with the two men who worked for him in his auto-ricksaw. Kazi was later brought to the hospital dead and showing signs of torture.

Sub Inspector (SI) Mr. Altaf Hossain of the Ramna police is implicated in the actions, including allegedly pulling relatives into a room and forcing them to sign blank pieces of paper.

It began with the arrest of his workers. Police had allegedly demanded BDT 200,000 (USD 2900) in return for releasing his workers. Babul was able to scrap together BDT 83,000, but not the full amount. That is when he was also arrested with another worker.

When the family went to the police station after the death, the police then allegedly threatened the wife and the nephew of Babul not to speak to any investigators or media.

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  1. Greed leads human beings into all kinds of inhuman behavior … I feel a deep sadness for this man and his family and for the future another’s greed took from them.

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