Teacher in Norfolk Resigns After Complaints Over Her Rubbing Holy Oil on Students

A Norfolk teacher has resigned after it was confirmed that she was rubbing “holy oil” on students and their desks during school at Jacox Elementary School.

Interim Superintendent of Schools, Michael Spencer, sent a memo on Wednesday to members of the School Board saying, “In early June, a parent reported that a fifth-grade teacher at Jacox Elementary School allegedly was using inappropriate religious practices in her classroom. I interviewed the teacher, and the Office of Pupil Personnel conducted an investigation. The teacher admitted that she had rubbed ‘holy oil’ on students and their desks during the school day. She was immediately removed from the classroom, and she resigned as of June 30.”

There are some close questions of the entanglement of church and state. Rubbing children with holy oil would not be one of those close questions.

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  1. Byron, ‘What’s wrong with a sonogram?’

    It’s not about informed consent, it’s about a delay that makes it harder for women to get an abortion.


    It’s a 24 hour waiting period wherein women have to make two trips or stay overnight. 20% MO abortions are to women that travel over 100 miles to a clinic. Mo. has 9 clinics, there are states in the Northwest that have no clinics and women have to travel interstate.

    It’s just one of many laws specific to family planning clinics and this particular procedure (to say nothing about the violence and vandalism) that make it cost prohibitive to run a clinic and difficult to actually get an abortion.

    This law is obviously designed with the full emphasis on ‘humanizing’ the fetus which it is hoped will discourage abortion, regardless of any other excuse a politician may come up with. This s abut the well-being of the fetus, not the woman. It’s a way to put artificial limits on a right by making it an increasingly difficult process. It’s like literacy tests for voting or removing all but a couple of polling places from a large, heavily minority, voting district to make people stand in line for hours and hours as a way to suppress the vote.

    IMO the current Obama Admin. retreat on the health coverage for women with pre-existing conditions which I was also incensensed about is simply a betrayal because it in effects puts the Stupak language in effect without having it written into the law after the Congress rejected it.

  2. pete: you’re absolutely right about Wallace, I started my post writing of viable 3rd party candidates and somehow ended up writing about 3rd party candidates that actually affected an election. I didn’t think too many Wallace voters would have voted for Humphrey and so didn’t include him.

    this is why I rarely post, I’m rather scatterpated

    I haven’t called my web sites and blogs over the years Manic Digression for nothing

  3. Lottakatz:

    what is wrong with a sonogram? I think women should be made aware they are destroying human life. I have heard stories where some under/uneducated women (and men for that matter) don’t know the development stages of a fetus. Once they find out, usually after the procedure, they are upset.

    It is definitely not within the purview of the state to prevent or enforce abortions but what is wrong with a sonogram? It actually might change some minds. As I think Bill Clinton said “Abortion should be safe, legal and scarce”. If the fee is not picked up by the women what is the problem? Isn’t an informed decision the best decision?

    Hell, I would get 2 opinions to have an elective procedure unless it was removing a wart from my chin.

  4. Elaine M:

    Fascinating story. I’d be more pissed off if my child was handed a “fetus” doll. Although, oil is damned hard to clean …

  5. I wonder if this is actually a “religious anointing”. What with all the teachers lately involved in sexual activity with students and of course the Priests. A synthesis of Church and State? 🙂

    Hopefully it was just a dab on the forehead.

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