Swiss Court Rules Naked Hiking Is Lawful

Sometimes it is better for justice to be blind. A Swiss court has lifted a fine against a hiker who insisted on encountering nature Au Naturale. The ruling of the court in Appenzell in Northern Switzerland is being hailed as a victory for human rights — and fueled calls for nudist trails (on the model of nudist beaches). The defendant used the pseudonym Puistola Grottenpoesch (one could come up with some better options in English like Bare Necessities or Trail Mix).

What is fascinating is that Puistola Grottenpoesch was represented by another nudist hiker and architect who was also appearing anonymously.

Not only are you allowed to be represented by non-lawyers in Switzerland but those non-lawyers can be anonymous like their clients. It appears that the judge did not claim anonymity.

The anonymous architect proclaimed naked justice establishing “that penal law is not a moral codex.”

Source: AOL.

9 thoughts on “Swiss Court Rules Naked Hiking Is Lawful”

  1. As an architect, I shudder at the thought of the annual American Institute of Architects convention being filled with my naked colleagues. (Better than a convention of engineers, but still, yikes!)

    Another quirk in this: Swiss hiking paths have fantastic directional signage. “Distance” to the next waypoint isn’t given in km, rather, it’s given in time. (3km downhill is much faster than 3km uphill!) The times are developed by what is, essentially, the AARP of Switzerland Hiking Club. When a new naked trail is developed, how do you avoid being around for when it’s distance/time rating is being determined?

  2. I hope they stay out of the brier patches and vineyards. We don’t want a case of grapenuts. Then again what would Wilford say?

  3. They hike nude in Colorado and it is considered to be the most fit state.

  4. Maybe this idea would help the Germans in their cause against obesity …

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