American Taliban: Church Announces “International Burn a Koran Day”

The Dove World Outreach Center, based in Gainesville, Fla. is observing the anniversary of the September 11th attacks this year in the most offensive and irreligious way possible — Terry Jones and his flock will burn a Qur’an (Koran). Jones is the author of “Islam is of the Devil.”

The Church is calling the occasion the “International Burn a Koran Day.”

By the way, if prejudice against Islam is not enough, the Church also offers homophobic observances. They are protesting Gainesville’s openly gay mayor with a “No Homo Mayor” protest.

What is fascinating is that Christian and Muslim extremists do not seem to realize how much they have in common with each other.

On the website selling hateful mugs and tee-shirts as well as the book, readers are told:

It is not a contradiction to say that God is a God of love AND hate. The Bible has plenty of references to godly hatred. Which is only logical. Don’t you hate anything that would try to destroy what you love? A hurricane that rips your house apart? Cancer that threatens a loved one? What is truly astonishing to see is that people, even so called Christians, have such little knowledge of the Word of God. God has not changed. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Source; Yahoo

50 thoughts on “American Taliban: Church Announces “International Burn a Koran Day””

  1. Just a way to show all Christians don’t think that way. I’m sure the
    vast majority of Christians in the world, and even in America, are
    against this horrendous and completely anti-Christian initiative, we
    can prove it if this group reaches more members than the International
    Burn a Koran Day page. Please join.!/group.php?gid=142891872396094&ref=ts

    We won’t burn a Koran, because Jesus wouldn’t have done it !!!

    Muslims are also welcome, if they want to discuss in a respectful way
    (but all agressive/disrespectful posts will be deleted, no matter who
    posts them).

    My way to spell Islam : I Sincerely Love All Muslims


    Philip from France

  2. They do not stand for any of the American Principles, and thus cannot be called American, Maybe Zionist Christians? but then they are not secular enough, though one of their members did diss GOD.
    It is sad that some Churches that are losing attendance are going to weird methods of attracting attention in the media.
    The last group of people who burned the Quran were the mongols…….do you see any sign of them.
    God has His own ways of taking care of deliberatley disrespectful and arrogannt people.
    May He Almighty protect us from such people and their company.

  3. Mike Appleton:

    The Bible outlines a market and trade system. I’m sorry, but there is no other system advocated for the people of God. You cannot wave your handy magic wand and blot out verse after verse which speak about the virtue of private trade in the market square unhampered by government, no matter how much you insist it isn’t there.

    It is Marxists (here in this country, anyway) who often claim that the Bible teaches Marxism, but can never provide a verse to prove it.

    On the other hand every verse in the Bible promoting prosperity is in the framework of a free market and trade system. This is not to say taxation is disallowed.

  4. 1945

    * The Soviet Union declares war on Japan, and troops enter Manchuria and Outer Mongolia.


    * Japan signs official surrender, accepted by General Douglas MacArthur on the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

    I guess you are right. But the spoils of war only goes to those that declared War….is there a month missing between August and September.

    This is the source I used, if it is wrong then I am wrong….

    http: //ww2timeline. info/mini. htm

  5. AY- My recollection of the USSR’s date of entry into the war against Japan:It was agreed to by the Allies in one of their prior conferences [ Yalta or Potsdam ? ].

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