No Schill For Mantooth: Daughter Runs Campaign Against Father’s Run for Judgeship

Oklahoma judicial candidate John Mantooth may defeat his opponents but not before he defeats the campaign launched by his daughter Jan Schill and his son-in-law against him.

On her website, Schill campaigns against her father — proclaiming “DO NOT VOTE FOR MY DAD… HE WOULD NOT BE A GOOD JUDGE!” She insists “District 21 judicial candidate John Mantooth is not a good father, not a good grandfather and in my opinion a review of his 37 year record as an attorney in Cleveland, Garvin and McClain Counties reveals that he would not be a good judge.”

The reasons for opposing Mantooth include a rather disgusting worms in chocolate story.

To make matters even more complicated, son-in-law Andrew Schill used to be law partners with one of Mantooth’s opponents, Greg Dixon.

This is going to make “Take Your Daughter To Work Day” particularly awkward next year.

Source: Gawker

6 thoughts on “No Schill For Mantooth: Daughter Runs Campaign Against Father’s Run for Judgeship”

  1. With a name like “Mantooth” he deserves to lose this election. His crazy policies are just icing on the cake.

  2. AY,

    You’re preaching to the choir on that one! Oklahoma is a lot of things, but OK isn’t one of them.

  3. Buddha,

    It is Oklahoma after all. Everyone should be aware that Oklahoma sucks, ok. That’s what keeps Texas from falling in the gulf…..

  4. And homosexual couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt or have children why again exactly?

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