Preacher Seeks To Exorcise Demon From High School Teams

Pastor Donald Crosby of Warner Robins, Georgia is fighting to get the Devil out . . . of his son’s high school. The Warner Robins High School has a Demon mascot and Crosby is leading the fight to exorcise the Demon from the school’s sporting events.

Crosby said he was furious when he learned his ninth-grade son would be a “demon.”

He noted “[h]undreds of children gather into one place at one time chanting ‘Go Demons.’ It’s the equivalent of us gathering into a church on Sunday morning and shouting ‘Go Jesus’ or ‘Hallelujah Jesus.'” Is it really the same? That would make all of the children in Warner Robins satanists.

In the meantime, Crosby has asked for his son to be transferred to a school with a God-fearing mascot like the Angels.

Source: WMAZ

15 thoughts on “Preacher Seeks To Exorcise Demon From High School Teams”

  1. proud to be class of 09 WRHS,,,60 years of tradition isnt gonna be thrown away by a pastor they knows nothing about us. if he really new anything when were at pep rallys singing go might demons, were singing to our boys on the field to get it in gear and fight back. if ur gonna really say something about are mascot u need to go see the blue devils,red devils,the helldogs. the hole legit. the mascot wont be changed at anything the pastor will get run out of town. you just brought on a war with 60 years of tradition.

  2. The nickname of my high school’s teams was the Quakers. Some of us enjoyed the irony of the fans shouting, “Fight, Quakers! Fight!”

  3. Yes Honor_God, finally someone stands up for the poor worshiped by billions, omnipotent, omnipresent, jealous, invisible, loving, murderous super-fairy-angel-humanoid thingy.

    Cuz, god knows, It can’t do it by Itself, now can it.

  4. Go Christians! Finally someone stands up against evil in this country. Thank you Jesus.

  5. i’m guessing the real problem is the size of rev. crosby’s plate on sunday. a quick check also shows the current governor of georgia, sonny perdue to be among the notable alumni of warner robbins high. the rev. crosby may be fighting out of his weight class.

  6. AY:

    Thanks AY. A little mix of vacation and a college tour for my youngest son. We made the obligatory SEC stops at Tennessee and South Carolina, and hit College of Charleston and UNC-Chapel Hill and UNC-Wilmington. Ended up in Charleston for a couple of days. Will be back blogging like crazy once I recover from the “vacation.”

  7. But Mike, if you abolish football what on earth will these folks have to do on Friday night?

  8. One of our kids lives in Atlanta and we occasionally make the trek up I-75 to visit. Whenever we pass through Warner Robins, I have found myself wondering when someone would raise a stink about the Warner Robins High School Demons, particularly since high school football is a form of religion in that town. I suspect that it will not be long now before this blatant worship of satanic forces is abolished.

  9. Does that mean that the Fort Collins Lambkins are all ovine- supremacists?

  10. If Warner Robins succumbs, can Duke be far behind? What about Wake Forest? Oh. no!

  11. Go Angels, kick some ass. It only seems appropriate. So, if you have an Angels that falls will they then be required to attend the demon high school?

  12. Pastor Crosby,

    In the words of that Great Sage and Our Big Toe, Sgt. Hulka: “Lighten up, Francis.”

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