God’s Governor: If You Love God, Vote for Me

Tennessee GOP Gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp has a simple message for voters: if you love God, vote for me.

I have been a critic in prior columns of the increasing use of faith-based politics by both Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama. Few, however, are quite as direct as Wamp:

And here’s my heart. I believe God is the center of the universe. He made us to serve him and to serve others. We must restore America to its Judeo-Christian heritage and our constitution.

28 thoughts on “God’s Governor: If You Love God, Vote for Me”

  1. He’s just one of many TN politicians pandering to the “Low Information” crowd here. I’m about a mile and a half from a proposed Islamic center and the townfolk are literally marching to the courthouse to stop it. It’s open season on all brown people here. The three GOPers running to replace Bart Gordon are fighting to see who hates Muslims the most, who will deport all the Latinos the fastest and who can save us from that evil that is Obama.
    It’s ugly here in TN.

  2. Mr. Wamp is just one of many TN politicians playing this tune. I’m about 1.5 miles from a proposed Mosque/Islamic Center and they are literally marching on the Courthouse to stop it. The candidates for Bart Gordon’s seat are having a field day stirring up the fears of the Low Information Voters as they relate to brown people. They are basically trying to see who hates the Muslims more and who can run all the Latinos out the fastest. It’s a pathetic display.

  3. AY,

    WordPress was acting up from here this morning, but it’s been fine much of the day.

  4. raff,

    Yes, I nice public investigation in C-Street would be most entertaining.

  5. Buddha,
    JOck itch is perfect for Mr. Wamp. I think that the C-Street crowd is just a little too loud in their God talk. I am thinking a nice investigation into the goings on at C-Street just might produce some nasty stuff. The loudest of the Religious Right just always seems to be doing something un-Right like!

  6. Zach Wamp doesn’t need to be elected to anything in order to serve God and serve others. Why, he could resign from his current office and get to the business of serving God and others immediately. What Mr. Wamp really believes is that God has made him the center of the universe. Otherwise, he would not urge that love for God mandates the support of his candidacy.

  7. Weren’t wamp rats the little guys (about 2 meters) that Luke Skywalker used to shoot at before he signed up to be a Jedi?

  8. I believe we can have Pularity of numerous things….and a Politicians Personalities is one of the many ones of them….

    Now I understand why they wanted to do away with Mental Health funding….they appear to all be eligible….I wonder if they are oriented to Time, Place and Date….the reason they can remember who the President is is its tattooed on the back of the one that is in front of them….

  9. Blouise,

    You may be giving plague a bad name. It’s a fairly sophisticated virus. C-Streets are simpler. Say like a fungus. Perhaps a better analogy would be a yeast infection or jock itch?

  10. ….stomach turning………full of rage……can’t stand pandering zealots….C-street scumbags……

    Those are some tough vids to swallow on a Sunday morning. Got to go slam my hand in a car door or maybe scream into my pillow now.

  11. Those C Streeters are like the plague … every election seanson we get a new outbreak.

  12. Tootie

    Here’s your perfect candidate! All you have to do is move to Tennessee, if you aren’t already there.

  13. Zach Wamp are the sounds of quirky heroes fighting it out in zany comic books.

    “POW” “Wamp” “Zach” “POW” “WOMP” … “take that brat man” …

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