Man Arrested After Seeking License to Marry 13-Year-Old

Pedro Valladares Martinez, 27, is an alleged child molester who was the subject of a rare arrest. City officials in Lake Placid reported to police that Martinez was seeking a marriage license for himself and a 13-year-old girl.

Police state that relatives sought the license and police allegedly confirmed that the girl is pregnant. He is now charged with lewd and lascivious acts on a victim 12 to 16 years of age.

Source: TBO

13 thoughts on “Man Arrested After Seeking License to Marry 13-Year-Old”

  1. Frankdawg, fanned, 2nd-ed and glad you said it. I like to think that since we have so few states that still legalize what I believe is child sexual abuse we occupy a somewhat higher ground than others but I think that is a self imposed intellectual fallacy. Between States like Arkansas and the Justice Department’s failure to indite the RCC for child abuse under the Ricco Statutes

    I am perplexed and saddened by the blatant moral corruption at the heart of our National tension between a secular society an our religious institutions. Look at the States that allow child brides. Historically slave states and christian strongholds. It’s a reprehensible oversight in a secular society to allow this kind of institutional child abuse.

  2. OH! I missed the Texas one! So that is at least 6 cases I have heard about THIS YEAR and not a one of them by a follower of Allah. So can we please stop attributing all the stupid failings the religiously insane exhibit to just one ward of the nuthouse?

    The second largest terrorist attack in US history was committed by a Christian terrorist who wished he could have done it up bigger.

    Sharia law is not just the goal of one ward – the American Taliban want the exact same power right here, just using a different book.

  3. Elaine M.,

    You are most correct. Now what Lewis, Fawell and Swaggert have in common is that they too are cousins and not in the Arabic sense.

  4. AY–

    My memory may not serve me correctly–but I believe that people were appalled by the fact that Lewis’s child bride was his cousin AND that she was just thirteen years old. I think I was about twelve years old at the time–so I was truly grossed out!


  5. Elaine M.,

    I think England at the time he was to appear was more concerned the it was his cousin….But then again we all don’t Fallwell when we have a cousin name Swaggert…

  6. Oh, I don’t know Jericho – this sort of thing happens here in the States too often. Utah is probably the prime example but there have been cases in Tennessee, Arkansas and South Dakota this year.

    The common thread does seem to be religion though. Does not matter which invisible cloud being these people believe speaks to them, Allah, Moroni, Yahweh or God they are all sure it tells them that older men should take child brides. I always wonder why those cosmic muffins never suggest old bride/baby groom?

  7. Eweu, that’s gross. And statutory rape in a civilized country or state. I’m gonna’ 2nd AY on this.

  8. Lewd and what? Shouldn’t it be Licentious…..How about Statutory Rape and the parents charge with Child endangerment?

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