Sharia Scrum: Iranian Women Take Field In New Islamically Correct Uniforms

The Iranian government continues to be a fashion leader this week with the appearance of its female rugby team in its new modesty protecting uniforms.

The team took the field in headscarves and full tracksuits to satisfy Muslim values. Heat stroke appears to be allowed over shorts.
The team wore the ‘maghnaeh’, a veil that fully covers the head, shoulders and neck in addition to the track suits.

In addition, the coach Alireza Iraj stated that he is required to avoiding any touching of his players under Islamic law, which prohibits touching of members of the opposite sex unless they are married couples or immediate relatives.

Source: Daily Mail

6 thoughts on “Sharia Scrum: Iranian Women Take Field In New Islamically Correct Uniforms”

  1. Lotta K.,

    I would much rather deal with a know racist than a person telling me how good of a christian they are. I suppose what I am saying regardless of whether I like someone or not does not depend on what race they are, sex they may be, what country club they belong to or who they may be related to or what they may be able to do for me, I want them to be basically honest. At least you know where you stand, period.

    If I somehow have offended you or anyone else I am deeply sorry. I will not however never not say things that some may find offensive. I do that just by waking up int the mornings. I have been told by someone even on this blawg that I wake up in the mornings just to annoy….well at 1:03 a.m. I succeeded…

    Ya ever heard the one that goes “The only things I know that come from Texas is Steers and Queers.” Hmm, Should I be offended or just consider the source. Half assed as it may seem to you, I find it funny….some may take offense..however, I don’t. There are greater things in life that pose a greater threat than my half witted puns….at least I think there are, I may be wrong…

    On well, the day is not done more people to see what kind of reaction I can get…..

  2. Ay, My sense of decency is irrelevant. You can: not respond to my comment, apologize (not to me, just for lowering the level of discourse on this blawg with a pejorative), or say “FU Lottakatz”; whatever. But one of those non-apology apologies just sucks and is disingenuous. “Rag head” is on a par with “Gook” and “Sand N*”.

  3. Unless the uniforms are actually causing heat stroke, I’m not seeing anything particularly harmful about this.

    I recently spent a few weeks in a city with a sizable Muslim minority, and something I noticed was how many ways (fashionable, attractive ways!) there were to meet the letter of the female Muslim dress code. The headscarves were colorful, and many were wearing jeans and/or long-sleeved blouses. Or even short-sleeved tops and skirts, so long as they complemented with cotton tights underneath. So it really clicked for me how UNrestrictive the code was to the ability of women to express themselves.

  4. “rag head tag” = failed pun; giving you the benefit of the doubt AY ’cause it’s way late and puns are always ‘iffy’.

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