Illinois Judge Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving in Alleged Hit-and-Run Case

DuPage County judge Judge Kenneth Popejoy has pleaded guilty in a hit-and-run crash. While his lawyer insisted the crash was caused by a mechanical failure, Judge Popejoy pleaded guilty to reckless driving.

His guilty plea to the misdemeanor offense brought him a $500 fine and a sentence to six months of conditional discharge.

The judge told the court that he took “full and complete responsibility for my actions’’ but his lawyer insisted that the accident was due mechanical problems with the 2003 Jeep.

The judge will now face a judicial discipline proceeding. The accident itself is presumably on at issue given the absence of any known alcohol role. However, if it was a hit-and-run, it could cause problems for the jurist.

Kudos: Walter Feeney

12 thoughts on “Illinois Judge Pleads Guilty to Reckless Driving in Alleged Hit-and-Run Case”

  1. Ok the mechanical breakdown caused the “hit” AND the “run”!??!?!

    Did the gas pedal stick!?!?!?? Hhahhahahhahha

  2. lottakatz

    “I would though hope that SCOTUS does and rules on the merits of the case.”


    That is my fervent hope as I feel very strongly about this issue. I deeply resent the manner in which the religious community pushed to pass Prop 8.

  3. Blouise, I really don’t know. This is an activist-to-the-right court so it’s a craps-shoot what they might be in a mood to do. I would though hope that SCOTUS does and rules on the merits of the case. Remand would not be good, just a method to delay the actual decision in the matter.

    The proponents had a weak to non-existent case IMO and the judges ruling is sound and addresses the discriminatory and stigmatizing nature of having ‘regular’ marriage and a domestic partnership union. I’d just as soon have the fight and the opportunity for closing a loophole in the application of civil rights based on sexual orientation.

    I’m one for data acquisition. If SCOTUS took the case, upheld Prop 8 and Congress failed to act with an appropriate expansion of the 14th Amendment then it would still be a useful exercise because of what it would tell us.


    Even further OT but interesting: Apparently “The U.S. Marshals Service admitted this week that it had surreptitiously saved tens of thousands of images recorded with a millimeter wave system at the security checkpoint of a single Florida courthouse.”

    Do we trust the TSA to do a better job?

    Being negatives, if they are opened in any paint program, reversed to positive form and color corrected (about 1 minute of work in Paint Shop Pro) they are pretty good photos that leave nothing to the imagination.

    “Feds admit storing checkpoint body scan images”

  4. lottakatz,

    Do you think the Supreme Court will hear this case or deny the petition

  5. Judge Popejoy is actually a pretty nice person. A former Big Ten track star and a good lawyer. I hope alcohol was not involved.
    Bob, Esq., I also would pay money to see Scalia do the right thing! I am just not holding my breath.

  6. A judge with a bit more sense issued his ruling in the Prop 8 lawsuit today striking it down. This links to his decision:

    Just one of a number of gems from the proponent (of Prop 8) side:

    “During closing arguments, proponents again focused on the contention that “responsible procreation is really at the heart of society’s interest in regulating marriage.” Tr 3038:7-8. When asked to identify the evidence at trial that supported this contention, proponents’ counsel replied, “you don’t have to have evidence of this point.” Tr 3037:25-3040:4.”

    LOL, wold any lawyer that visits this blawg have the nerve to march before the bar with that level of ‘evidence’ on their side?

    Evidence, we don’t need no stinking evidence. I’m sure the judge loved that rebuke.

  7. Yes Bob, I understand. He needs to be taken out back, behind the wood shed, left with a lifer have his way with him and put him back on the bench without a cushion. Then the first attorney arguing could say to him: Sir with all due respect you have first hand knowledge of how you were treated, do you think that America deserves better?

    This reminds me of when Berneckes wife’s purse was lifted at a starbucks in the Cherry Hill Station and he was scammed by more than 1.5 million…..The banks policy changed the day he found out how much he had been scammed. I suppose it changed back the next day to the regular screwing of its customers but for one day it changed to allow the bank the opportunity to do the right thing…..

  8. AY,

    What he did that day was so rife with scienter; “Mr. Separation of Powers/Prophet of Doom” “Mr. Morrison v. Olson…”

    When I saw Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes interview him and watched her smile with complete blissful ignorance as he laughed about what he did…

    I’m sorry, I just started taking blood pressure meds for the first time in my life; I really shouldn’t be making myself foam at the mouth.

  9. Bob,

    Think about it. He did guarantee a Republican Government….isn’t that what that means…..It is not a qualification to be able to think…Thomas and Roberts reaffirms that each and every time they join in an Opinion, they are just following the leader and Chief Dummmy that was a clerk to Jackson and a paramour of yes, Eleanor Roosevelt…Rehnquist….I read that somewhere….

  10. What I wouldn’t give to see Scalia plead guilty to violating Article IV’s guarantee of a republican form of government, via the separation of powers, by issuing the Stay of December 9, 2000 in Bush v. Gore.

  11. Anonymously Yours
    1, August 4, 2010 at 8:11 am
    I am betting the Macho Alcohol Enabler kicked in and he was drinking and ran like hell. …


    The odds are in your favor … I know of three such instances, all involving persons from the legal profession.

  12. I am betting the Macho Alcohol Enabler kicked in and he was drinking and ran like hell. I know of a situation where a sitting chief Judge hit a meat man aka butcher and he finally got tired of being extorted so he was kind enough to use his influence with the local law enforcement and had the meat man arrested. Well, ones still a meat man and the other well..he fishes….

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