New York Teacher Accused of Taking Dive To Avoid Evaluation

Ilene Feldman, a teacher at the HS for Innovation in Advertising and Media is accused of taking the ultimate dive on camera at the school to avoid a classroom observation and possible termination as an untenured faculty member.

Feldman was allegedly videotaped staging a fall on the day of her scheduled visit. The school was suspicious because she had had a previous poor evaluation and was facing possible termination. The video reportedly shows her throwing herself down a school stairwell. Witnesses claim that Feldman is shown listening for anyone approaching to stage the fall: “Feldman, who then appeared to hear someone coming, grabbed her handbag with her right hand, held the railing with her left hand, and slowly fell to the 2nd floor landing,”

Source: NYPost

4 thoughts on “New York Teacher Accused of Taking Dive To Avoid Evaluation”

  1. Bad evaluation when doing her job, bad evaluation when not … she needs a new career path now that teaching and stunt-man are closed

  2. You slowly fall when you don’t wanna hurt yourself. This is in slow motion…I wonder if she was responsible for the production of the truck/man filming…Just sayin…..


    How are you doing, I agree with you and the saying goes, like this: Those who can do and those who can’t well, teach….

    Sorry professor….You are a person of many talents and talismans. I am sure, if 2.5 men had known about you they would have come for you to take the lead role…

  3. “… and slowly fell to the 2nd floor landing”

    I would love to see the video of this. How does somebody “slowly fall”?

  4. High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media? I suspect it was part of the “innovative” curriculum.

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