Flight Attendant Raves Over Intercom, Grabs Two Beers, and Flees Down the Emergency Slide

Jetblue flight attendant Steven Slater may have slid into the thing of legend among flight attendants. After a passenger argued with Slater about getting up before the airplane pulled into the gate, Slater allegedly let loose a string of profanity, grabbed two beers, and slid down the plane’s evacuation slide.

After the passenger started to prematurely unload luggage on the flight from Pittsburgh to New York’s JFK airport, Slater reportedly let loose on the loud speaker, One witness recalled Slater stating ‘to the passenger who called me a (expletive expletive, expletive) you. I’ve been in this business 28 years. And that’s it, I’m done.’”

He has now been charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and trespassing.

JetBlue flights are getting quite exciting. Recently, a JetBlue pilot was removed from a plane for promising “to die in a spectacular fashion.” Other crew members have also found themselves in police custory, here.

Source: CBS

11 thoughts on “Flight Attendant Raves Over Intercom, Grabs Two Beers, and Flees Down the Emergency Slide”

  1. If he demands a jury trial, he’s got it made! This story reminds me of the some-years-ago movie “Falling Down,” starring Michael Douglas, where a laid-off, divorced defense worker finally snaps. If you don’t condone it, you can at least understand it.

  2. Why did he take 2 beers and not a couple of those little bottles of whiskey or scotch? Although the beers probably will make the movie Lorne Marr wants to see.

    A Howard Dean “moment”? 🙂

    Before anyone gives me a hard time, I thought it was funny and the response to it ridiculous. It showed some passion and genuine human emotion.

  3. As usual, there is more to this story. The problems with this passenger – a woman — started during boarding when she got into a fight with another passenger over overhead space and wound up hitting this flight attendant in the head with her luggage and would not apologize. When she got up at the end of the flight before the plane was at the gate and refused his repeated requests over the intercom to sit down, he was forced to go over to her whereupon she began cursing at him. That’s when he snapped. As far as I am concerned, he is an American working class hero.

  4. I sincerely hope they make a film about him. How he started working in the airline industry, how he jumped and how he went through the trial. With any luck, it will have a happy end.
    I think just the scene of him jumping will be worth the whole film!

  5. Considering how rude some people can be and how they can be vicious when trying to get off the plane, I am surprised this has not happened sooner. The idiot who stood up and put others at danger with his falling luggage did not give a damned about anyone else. It was all about him. An inconsiderate bastard whose momma did not spank him enough as a child.

    Rather than arrest this flight attendant, what about the idiot who didn’t follow the one simple rule: sit the %^&* down! It’s a long tube with limited access. Besides, it won’t make your luggage come to you sooner!

  6. jetBlue spokesman have admitted that “JetBlue Airways said in a statement that it was working with the Federal Aviation Administration and Port Authority police to investigate the matter. It said the safety of its customers and crew members was never at risk.” [emphasis added]

    So apparently the charges stem not from actual danger to anyone, but rather the idea that slaves can’t quit, only be sold.

  7. Those charges are over the top: “Slater being charged with 2nd- and 4th-degree criminal mischief, 1st- and 2nd-degree reckless endangerment and criminal trespass in the 3rd degree. … could get 7 years in prison”

    Loading on of charges specifically to see what sticks and make an example of him (which is what it sounds like) is by no means justice. Where exactly was he trespassing? I get so tired of reading a laundry list of charges every time I read about an arrest for something non-capital in nature. This country won’t be happy until all the ‘little people’ are behind bars. They need to get him a doctor not a prison sentence. 28 years of being a flight attendant would drive anyone mad IMO.

  8. And to think that the first Flight Attendants were nurses. Have you ever met a nurse that wasn’t in charge…or at least like to control something or someone?

    I am not surprised about this attendants or flight Stewards flipping out. If memory serves me correctly they only get paid for flight time. They do not get compensated for prep and depart time. Just when they pull from the gates. Some airlines are still paying 1980 salary’s….

    Now the attitude of this one…what was going on…I do not know….

  9. its probably the economy thats driving these people mad. JetBlue has a huge promo now with 50% off tickets. I doubt that is due to a healthy financial situation. generally that means is “we need cash, quick! stockholders are pissed!”

    of interest:


    I actually know the owner of Spirit. He’s megaloaded. I worked for him once. It sucked.

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