From Congressman To Human Trafficker?

Joel Deckard, 68, a former Indiana congressman who left Congress under a cloud of scandal has revealed that he turned to human trafficking in smuggling Brazilian families across the Canadian border.

The startling account is part of an online book on his life where Deckard recounts eight trips he made into Canada with undocumented Brazilian workers and their families in late 2007 and early 2008. He calls the period “the most interesting of my life.”

It would have to compete with his departure from Congress after an alcohol-related crash in 1982. He had served four terms in the Indiana House of Representatives and two terms representing the 8th District in Congress.

As for his career as a human smuggler, Deckard insists “[i]t was exciting; there is no question about that. It was something that very few people can say that they’ve done.”

That is certainly true.

Source: Chicago Tribune

8 thoughts on “From Congressman To Human Trafficker?”

  1. I do not like this Uncle Sam,
    I do not like his health care scam.
    I do not like these dirty crooks,
    or how they lie and cook the books.
    I do not like when Congress steals,
    I do not like their secret deals.
    I do not like this speaker Nan ,
    I do not like this ‘YES, WE CAN’.
    I do not like this spending spree—
    I’m smart, I know that nothing’s free.
    I do not like your smug replies,
    when I complain about your lies.
    I do not like this kind of hope.
    I do not like it. nope, nope, nope!
    Go green – recycle Congress in 2010!


  2. 2007-2008? That’s quite possibly still within the statue of limitations.

  3. “…smuggling Brazilian families across the Canadian border…”

    I don’t know why, but that line makes me chuckle. You know the world is a touch off kilter when Brazilians sneak into the US from the north. I didn’t read the Tribune article to know if they said how the Brazilians got to Canada while bypassing the US in the first place.

  4. On behalf of Immigration Canada, I hereby declare the honorable gentleman’s actions illegal.

  5. I bet the excongressman’s a teabagger … his reasoning seems to follow the same linear path

  6. Human Smuggling…You mean that is against the law? Since when….Now, Human Trafficking that’s different, because its bad….George and Cheny even said so….but they did not say that Human Smuggling was bad, so it must be ok.

    Right? If it was against the Laws, Constitutions, Conventions, or any other treaty. I know of a Former US Attorney General, a 9th Circuit Court Judge and some others that would say that, if it does not explicitly mention it, then its ok. Even if its against a Treaty, it is being done for world peace and they are a threat to our borders and I was just trying to get them out of here as soon as possible……see, no 14 amendment problems….we won’t have to club the anchor babys like seals……

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