Former Judge Samuel Kent Files Motion Alleging Abuse in Prison

Former Judge Samuel Kent has been placed in the position of filing complaints as an inmate in Texas. He is serving 33-months for obstruction of justice after he lied about allegations involving groping and sexual assault of two female court employees. He claims to have been abused as a prisoner due to his status as a former federal judge.

His attorney, Dick DeGuerin, filed the motion in U.S. District Court in Houston asking for resentencing. One of the more troubling allegations — besides verbal and physical abuse — is that Kent has been denied access to a federal substance abuse program that would have allowed him to reduce his sentence by as much as a year. I do not see why he would be denied such access to the program.

The filing states “[t]he Federal Bureau of Prisons has subjected Sam Kent to abusive psychological and physical conditions that have jeopardized his ongoing recovery from severe depression and alcoholism, while arbitrarily prohibiting him from participation in rehabilitative programs.”

Source; AOL

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  1. Dear Woosty

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    The current system is clearly broken. How could attorney regulator elections make things worse?

    Election debates are an opportunity for brain storming and, as someone here said, for record keeping. Every two years there would be a forum where people could publicly complain about dirty lawyers and just that would bring the sunshine in and create a disincentive to misconduct and criminal conduct.

    Attorney regulation is directly related to “errors and omissions” insurance and they should be discussed together. There are a lot of issues, and therefore, to be positive, a lot of possible solutions. The Internet is transforming the practice of law and its application in of attorney regulation and general procedural due process is really positive for everyone concerned including professional lawyers. One idea I’ve been coming back to is the idea of dividing lawyers into 4 or 5 national groups and then each being self insured. Then every year the groups would have to release all sorts of statistics.

    Another thing I like about the idea of making state attorney regulators an elected office is that it is actually doable through grass roots efforts. All you have to do is figure out how to exactly write the paperwork (which should probably be really open and involve first gathering words used to establish other elected offices, maybe U.N. words) and then collect signatures, which can be mostly labor. A good way to meet people. Sometimes you can do it on-line too. But in most states I don’t think you need that many signatures in order to get it on the ballot and once it is on the ballot, only crooks will vote against making attorney regulators an elected office, don’t you think?

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  3. Blouise,

    Its about damn time today you agreed with me. I was feeling like the lost step child in the woods….Joe Dirt comes to mind….



  4. Confrontation ~ the act of confronting : the state of being confronted: as a : a face-to-face meeting b : the clashing of forces or ideas : conflict c : comparison <the …
    Kay:"My idea for action is to make the attorney regulation counsel an elected office through a state petition. "

    I don't think confrontation will effect a solution to your problem but bringing things to light WILL, POSSIBLY, be taken up by someone who can bring some good out of it. In my experience, the Florida Bar operates to protect the attorneys…not the public from them. It is a closed and dysfuntional(oh haow Freudian…dysfunctional too!) system that has a lot of storefront to fool people into thinking otherwise. Storefronts seem to be the norm in the land of nip-tuck-trick. Florida especially is governed by money and closed, dysfunctional systems screaming for help and victimizing those who they are supposed to be protecting and governing. Be careful if you come here.

  5. Most brilliant folks a sense of depravity in someway.


    Most brilliant folks have a sense of depravity in someway.

    You see this type of stuff would put me on the edge. Today, oh well. I don’t worry so much.

  6. Mercy Me,

    Most brilliant folks a sense of depravity in someway. I am not excusing his behavior in any way shape or fashion, what I am saying is which happens first the ego or depression? These issues are delicately balance ends of the spectrum. Feed that Ego with Alcohol and see where it takes you? Depressed! You can run only so long on ethanol before you need a tune up or the valves cleaned. I know, I am looking in the mirror.

  7. what people seem to forget is the man’s misuse of power. It did not start over night. He rubbed elbows with high profile attorneys and stuffed his pockets..He had the god syndrome…And it fed him. He may have had an alcohol problem but that was not the reason for his downfall.. He is egotistical and a narcist. People are put in clinics to dry out all the time. He is a brilliant man who is use to manipulating the system with his power and the system to feed his ego. And He is still doing it. Sure people are going to pick on him he has acted as a fool and it has caught up with him. I was at his 2nd wedding and the reception. I had never heard such horrible language and such a fowl mouth as that man had. I was totally disgusted and could not believe he was a federal judge. I was appalled needles to say I had a rude awakening to the unbalanced judicial system myself. And it is sickening. This guy loved dehumanizing people from the bench. Especially lawyers who were not as powerful as others. Kent wanted to impress them the well known ones that is ! He has a horrible self image and it has manifested and come out . He needs to do his time and take notes and if he is serious then go through the correct channels at trying to change out prison system the right way. when it is about everyone and not just him. Only then will we know what his true motives are. Needless to say I don’t trust them. He is a coward and now his real character has surfaced. He knew the problems with the justice system and prisons and it didn’t affect him and he didn’t care. He was to busy socializing with big fat cigar smoking attorneys who send his wife checks to this day. Yep he has the nerve to send letters begging for money from the prison. I am embarrassed for him. Hopefully he will turn to the Bible in search of his next road map. Only then will we see a changed man,

  8. Check out

    My idea for action is to make the attorney regulation counsel an elected office through a state petition. Florida let Scott Rothstein operate. I have been thinking about moving to Florida where I have relatives so maybe we could get something together. You can email me at I know of two PRO SE rights advocates located in Florida.

  9. I believe that other peoples’ rights ride on what I do and don’t do. I believe that U.S. society is moving towards totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is usually associated with economic stress. I have a vision of PRO SE rights being advocated throughout the world and supported by computers and the ability to purchase unbundled attorney services. That would be a way to combat totalitarianism everywhere. I think that what led to the Nazi Holocaust is that the lawyers didn’t support PRO SE rights, then the Jews lost their law licenses, then the Jews lost their Access to Courts and ability to challenge their detentions and eventual genocide because they had neither law licenses nor PRO SE rights.

  10. Dear Wootsy

    I’m not spending the money before I get it; I’m pursuing remedy. I can back up everything — document by document and over time, more documents and more opinions supporting my position keep emerging. For instance, in my pleadings filed in 2002 I asserted that I had been told that my former neighbor the city council president was a drug dealer. I filed a detailed motion as to why I thought that. In 2009 he admitted a conviction for conspiracy to sell hash. The verified attorney bills show discussion of the city council president’s NCIC records with the city attorney in 2003. I asserted that the City is corrupt and that city officials knowingly allowed my neighbor to build extra buildings in violation of the zoning and then drove me from my home to cover that up. In 2008 after a fire death the assessor admitted that there are many illegal buildings and enforcement of the regulations is lax. The extra buildings which are visible on Google Street View and discussed in court documents and which I have photos of and building department documents for, are still not on the property tax rolls. They show the square feet of building area as being the same as in 1950.

  11. Dear Gab

    I think, my opinion as a non-lawyer, the only possible relief you could get is a shorter probation unless you could prove your husband’s innocence, i.e. someone else did the crime. To do that you would file a motion for habeas corpus but you would need grounds. The Court of Appeals will not want to redo all Judge Kent’s cases and habeas cases do not, I think, get De Novo review. The best situation would probably be if you could unearth relevant new evidence related to the crime

  12. lol, now some are better at being confrontational than others. Buddha, I think tootles is saying that people here can be confrontational. I have no ideal what they are saying….but have you seen my cat….the last time I saw it was…..well tootles was talking about red hot chili peppers and everything tastes like beef if properly seasoned…..

  13. Yes Tottie,

    You are correct. Suck it up…you too can be more confrontational….

  14. kay: don’t let them kid you. People at this blog wallow in confrontation. And they love to be vicious, cruel, and brutal about it.

  15. “DOJ has to pay a substantial penalty or no one will get in trouble ”

    Kay, it looks like the trouble has been all yours. I do wish you well on the quest but you may want to hold off on spending the $$$…..remember who you are dealing with. I’m not a lawyer, I can see you’ve put in a lot of time and effort on this…probably more than you will ever be given credit for and I do hope you haven’t cast your pearls before swine. I’m in South Florida…it is full of people who have been unexplainedly harmed by an over-bloated and under-scrutinized legal system. I personally am a fan of documenting everything in times like this….because we are still a ways out from real sense in the world but there is always lots of fear and lots of harm committed by frightened people. Be loud if you can back it up, document document document…and be sure that your reasons are worth it because in the end, there are no guarantees.

  16. My husband was sentenced by Ex Judge Kent at the time he was drinking while on the bench and chasing his staff. We cannot afford an attorney to even see if we can get my husband’s felony conviction overturned. My husband has served his time and is now on probation. The BOP has there own set of rules, it doesn’t matter what the court suggest it is all up to them. If someone is truly interested in my story and do I have one about what happened in Judge Ken’t courtroom, please email me. Ex Judge Kent claims he has no money, well neither do we the attornies and the court took it away but we can’t get Dick to look at our case.

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