Big Al-Ben

Today Muslims around the world will be able to set their clocks by Mecca-time. The Royal Mecca Clock Tower starts operations today — a Muslim alternative to Big Ben and Greenwich Mean Time. As noted earlier, Muslims have argued that Mecca not Greenwich should be the touchstone for time internationally.

The world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are now expected to set their watches and schedule their prayers according to Mecca time. This will be aided by 2 million LED lights along the 2000 foot structure (Big Ben is only 316 feet high). When it is time to pray five times a day, 21,000 green and white lights will flash — a signal that can be seen for 18 miles.

Personally, I think it is a pretty handsome structure.

Source: Telegraph

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    You have made my life a happier and sunnier place


    Wow. Carl Sagan. I haven’t thought of him for a thousand years.

  2. So long as he didn’t stop some christian lady and ask her what time it was……


    Has anyone ever said you were twisted, warped and needed here very much. It appears that you have found a home….

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