Randy Duck: Disney Character Accused of Molestation in the Happiest Place on Earth

A Pennsylvania woman has charged that she was molested at Disney World. The culprit? No it was not one of the usual suspects: the Pirates of the Caribbean or Yosemite Sam or Pepé Le Pew. It was Donald Duck who allegedly groped her breast when she sought his autograph.

To make matters worse, Donald Duck reportedly feigned exaggerated guilt that he had done something wrong after groping the woman who was at Epcot with her children and fiancé in May 2008.

She has now filed a lawsuit for negligence, battery, and infliction of emotional distress, and is seeking in excess of $50,000 in damages. Disney is seeking a transfer to federal court — presumably under a diversity claim.

The woman claims to have suffered “severe physical injury, emotional anguish and distress including, but not limited to post-traumatic stress disorder.”

We have been following Disney characters who are accused of going bad. However, sometimes the characters themselves have alleged being groped, as with the recent claim by Minnie Mouse.

At EuroDisney, the company is facing a problem of a different kind: employees committing suicide.

18 thoughts on “Randy Duck: Disney Character Accused of Molestation in the Happiest Place on Earth”

  1. AY
    Did you mean Roscoe “FATTY” Arbuckle….dont know who Fanny Arbuckel is

  2. From someone that had a patient that was accused of sexual harassment because he was employed by a heavily insured company, I am skeptical of these types of claims.. most of them get settled out of court for 10 to 25K. If this is bogus, I feel from this duck who will be banned from the pond. Hopefully the truth will prevail and it will be a correction for whomever is guilty.

  3. Thanks for the advice,folks. My computer skills can only be described as pathetic and if I ever lose my right index finger I will have to stop typing.

  4. HenMan et al.,

    While I do live live by them alone, I know it when I see it. Just like the Sct always uses the rationale to fit the decision. Should I say, fuck the law to fit the special chamber of commerce piece at the time.

  5. Henman, It’s not just you, I am encountering them also and I have likewise used the ‘block pop-up’ tool to no avail.

  6. HenMan,

    I’d run a sweep with your virus checker and one with Spybot (or whatever anti-adware program you use) just to be on the safe side.

  7. AY— I thrive on conspiracy theories. A wise man once said, ” You aren’t paranoid if people really are plotting against you”.

  8. Sure, Blame it all on the Irish……I am sure…they did it to you intentionally….

  9. Prof. Turley— The pop-ups are gone and I withdraw my complaint. I think this may have been a glitch affecting only my computer- if so, I apologize. I think the culprit here was Professor Moriarty, not Professor Turley!

  10. It’s interesting that Disney is attempting to remove the case to Federal court. As I remember–from last December–the Disney ticket has a clause that all claims against Disney by visitors will be litigated in Florida state courts.

  11. Prof.Turley—What’s with the pop-ups??—VERY annoying! I clicked on “disable” in the upper right corner, but all it does is give you a blank screen on the pop-up that is still there. What is their purpose? They don’t advertise anything and don’t seem to do anything other than to annoy. If you need the revenue to continue your outstanding blog, I will live with it, but not happily. I would love to hear the opinions of my fellow Turley Blog fans.

  12. Twenty years ago, my company had a national meeting in California, and we rented about 1/4 of Disneyland for the evening. We got to go on rides, there was live music and booze and overladened banquet tables everywhere. A good time.

    At some point, Minnie Mouse approached me with a camera, gesturing to pose with me for a picture. I happily agreed, and the camera was handed to a compatriot so he could click the shutter. And then Minnie posed with me – by getting in front of me, bending over, and giving me a bump and grind worthy of a Parisian hooker. Two Parisian hookers.

    I was shocked – truly – but then burst out laughing – it really was funny. We still have the photo somewhere.

  13. The Teamsters maybe looking for a new president….Donald Duck for President or maybe Governor of New York. Any kin to Fannie Arbuckel?

  14. Don’t forget the Magic Kingdom is where one dog – Pluto – is treated like a dog and another dog is treated like a person. Goofy. Goofy? I hardly think the naming is coincidental. If it walks like a duck . . .

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